Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education MSD P-12 (Alternative Certification)

Can I enroll in this program if I live out of state?

The MAT program leading to certification in Moderate and Severe Disabilities (grades P-12) is designed to meet Kentucky teacher certification standards and requirements. We cannot guarantee that this program would meet teacher certification/licensure standards and requirements in other states. Therefore, individuals who plan to teach in Kentucky schools should pursue this program.

Are there any tests that are required for admission?

Passing scores on the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators exams in Reading, Writing and Math or the Graduate Record Exams in Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing are required for admission to the program. More information about these requirements can be found at: (https://louisville.edu/education/degrees/info/gre-mat).

Are there any prerequisite requirements for the program?

While specific prerequisite courses are not required for admission to the program, the program faculty primarily consider applicants that have experience working with children, adolescents and/or adults with moderate and severe disabilities. The experience does not need to be in a school setting.

What is the length of the program?

The Alternative Certification route program is designed to be a two year program. Candidates pursue the program as full-time teachers and part-time students. Summer courses are required. The sequencing guide can be found at: https://louisville.edu/education/degrees/mat-se-msd-ac.

What is the difference between the alternative certification program and the traditional program?

The traditional program is designed to provide coursework in a specific sequence, along with 200 hours of field experience in a classroom setting prior to the student teaching semester (which is a full-time commitment during the school day). This program allows individuals to build upon their knowledge and experiences while learning from a Master teacher during their intensive “internship” - which is the student teaching semester.

The alternative certification program is designed to provide mentor support and course work while candidates are teaching full-time in the classroom. Candidates typically receive 9 credit hours of summer instruction prior to beginning their full-time teaching position in an MSD classroom in the Fall semester. They continue teaching full-time during the 2 years of the program while continuing as a part-time graduate student.

What does it mean to have asynchronous and synchronous components?

Some of the courses are taught on-line at a specific day/time (synchronous) while other on-line courses are offered so that candidates are not required to “meet” at a specific time (asynchronous).

Are there any financial assistance opportunities?

For a listing of financial assistance opportunities: https://louisville.edu/education/degrees/mat-se-msd. In addition, candidates are encouraged to talk to school districts about tuition reimbursement/support.

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