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Online Graduate Certificate in Business of Healthcare

The online Graduate Certificate in Business of Healthcare is designed for both business professionals and practicing clinicians to gain the business skills and healthcare experience necessary to take on leadership roles within healthcare systems, private practices and more.

Those who earn this certificate will learn how to apply business skills such as budgeting, finance, strategy, operations, negotiation, and management in healthcare settings. They will also learn about healthcare systems and population health, healthcare economics, and planning for healthcare initiatives. All this experience is delivered in a 100% online, asynchronous format optimized for completion on your time and on your schedule. Graduates will be ready for leadership and administrative roles in healthcare systems, hospitals, private practices, and more.

How Much Will this Cost?

Tuition & Aid    

This certificate does not qualify for Title IV federal financial aid. Tuition rate does not include costs associated with a specific course or program, such as textbooks.


  • Gain necessary business experience without the time commitment of a full MBA—ideal for those practicing medicine, already working in healthcare, or wanting to get into the healthcare industry.
  • Learn how to bridge the relationship between business and medicine.
  • Implement practices that will demonstrate quality improvement of healthcare operations.
  • Utilize your business experience to dive into the healthcare field.
  • Enjoy the benefits of online education, like studying, attending class, and completing your work on your time, on your schedule, all from the comfort of home.
  • Save time and money you would need to spend on a full-time graduate degree.
  • Prepare to start your own practice or to qualify for that next big promotion within the hospital.
  • Complete this degree and satisfy 20% of your online MBA requirements, if you choose to pursue that program as well.



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Online learning video - Online Healthcare Leadership Certificate

"The Business of Healthcare program helped me better understand the complexity of modern healthcare as a urologic surgeon, and I have been equipped to serve my patients effectively since finishing the program. I use at least one or more tools I have learned from the course daily to make my urology practice efficient. I cannot recommend the program more to other physicians and medical professionals who want to develop strong business acumen to improve our healthcare system."

Kellen Choi DO, FACOS, MBA

Employment in healthcare occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations. As a result, 2 million new jobs could be created over the next decade (bls.gov).

According to bls.gov, that growth is not limited to just clinical roles either. Medical and health services managers are expected to experience similar growth, meaning abundant opportunities for high-paying leadership roles within healthcare systems will become available over the next decade.

As an experienced clinician or business professionals, the combination of your previous experience and the skills gained in our certificate could prepare you for roles such as:

  • CEO, CMO, CNO, COO, etc. within a hospital/healthcare system
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Manager
  • Medical Practice Manager
  • Quality and Compliance Officer
  • Division Chief
  • Division Chair
  • Division Director
  • Dean of Medicine
  • Dean of Nursing
  • Director of Healthcare Operations
  • And more!

If you are a practicing clinician, this certificate can also give you the business experience needed to go into private practice, which offers significant opportunities for job and salary growth!

Application Deadline Term Start Date
May 8 Spring I January 8
January 29 Spring II February 12
March 4 Spring III March 18
May 13 Summer I May 27
June 17 Summer II July 1

Note: We admit students on a rolling basis. The preferred deadlines help you complete the application process on time, be notified of acceptance and enroll before the term begins. We review applications as they become complete, and admit students for a specific term up to the day classes start. We recommend you work on and submit your complete application well in advance of the preferred deadline, as obtaining transcripts and other materials may take more time.

Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to the certificate program in one of two ways:

  1. Those who apply to earn the certificate independent of other degrees must apply to the graduate programs office in the College of Business, have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and submit an official transcript certifying a GPA of at least 2.5 in that undergraduate degree.
  2. MBA students may also earn the certificate using the elective courses of their MBA degree if they are in good standing in their program. To graduate, students must complete the six courses of the certificate program with no less than a B in all classes

For more information on the admission and application process, please contact our Online Learning Enrollment Counselor at 800.871.8635 or by email at online@louisville.edu.

To enroll in the online Graduate Certificate in the Business of Healthcare, you must apply as a graduate non-degree seeking student and meet the following requirements:

  • Completed online application
  • $40 application fee
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university*
  • Official transcript(s) certifying the undergraduate degree
  • Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

Note: GMAT/GRE scores are not required for admission.

Send all materials to:
Graduate Admissions
University of Louisville
2211 S. Brook Street
Louisville, KY 40292

* See the UofL Transfer Credit Policy for more information.


UofL’s online Graduate Certificate in Business of Healthcare is a 6-course, 9-credit hour program which will introduce you to real-world business instances that happen in the healthcare sector. Students will complete 5 required courses, with the option to take either Healthcare Budgeting and Finance OR Healthcare Systems & Population Support, depending on if the student comes from a healthcare background, or is/has taken the MBA.

Course List Credit Hours
BOHC 630 Healthcare Economics 1.5
BOHC 620 Healthcare Systems & Population Health 1.5
BOHC 621 Healthcare Budgeting & Finance 1.5
BOHC 610 Healthcare Strategy 1.5
BOHC 640 Healthcare Operations 1.5
BOHC 660 Conflict Management & Negotiations in Healthcare 1.5
BOHC 650 Business Planning for Healthcare Initiatives 1.5


Course Descriptions

*Where noted, PHMS courses already taken through the School of Public Health and Information Sciences can be granted as credit towards the Business of Healthcare Certificate.

    • What credits can be transferred into this program?

      Students will receive personalized guidance on transfer credit eligibility and curriculum from an advisor after admission. UofL students who have completed specific PHMS courses offered by the School of Public Health and Information Sciences may be eligible to earn credit toward this certificate. Other eligible credits may be transferable on a case-by-case basis.

    • What careers could be available to non-healthcare professionals as a result of this program?

      Licensed medical professionals can use the business acumen learned from the certificate to help open their own practices or advance within their divisions to roles such as Division Chief or Dean of Medicine. Other business professionals will be better prepared for applying to healthcare leadership roles or advancing to administrative or managerial positions within the healthcare field.

    • When are courses taught?

      Currently, courses are only offered in the spring semester, but this may be subject to change in the future.

    • How many classes do I take?

      Students will complete 6 courses for 9 credit hours. Students will have the option to take either Healthcare Systems & Population Health, or Healthcare Budgeting & Finance, depending on their educational background. MBA students may benefit more from Healthcare Systems & Population Health, whereas clinicians and healthcare professionals may benefit more from Healthcare Budgeting & Finance.

    • Is this program 100% online and asynchronous?

      Yes. Learn on your time and on your schedule from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.