Certificate in Accounting

  • Click to Show/HideIs the Certificate in Accounting Program a prep course for the CPA exam?

    Yes and no. This program is not designed or delivered specifically as a prep course for the CPA exam. However, our certificate program does provide much of the knowledge and the 27 hours of accounting coursework (21 hours of program courses + 6 hours of prerequisites) required by Kentucky to sit for the CPA exam.

    Many students choose to complete a CPA review course (such as the Becker or Gleim CPA review courses) to prepare for the CPA exam. Additional fees apply.

    Please note that Kentucky requires an additional 12 credit hours of business courses to qualify for the CPA exam.

  • Click to Show/HideWhat career opportunities does a Certificate in Accounting offer?

    The certificate can prepare you for a career in public accounting (CPA), as well as for entry-level accounting roles in for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. These roles include, but aren’t limited to staff accountant, auditor, tax accountant, and budget analyst.

    Additionally, many individuals begin their careers in accounting, but eventually pursue executive and managerial leadership roles, because accountants often have a strong understanding of the “language of business.”

  • Click to Show/HideWhat are the benefits of online learning at University of Louisville?

    The UofL online program allows you to earn your certificate from any location, as long as you have an Internet connection. This flexible learning format is perfect if you are balancing your full-time career, school, and personal life. You will also have opportunities to network with students from a broad range of business backgrounds, and be included in UofL’s network of alumni.

  • Click to Show/HideCan I complete the Certificate in Accounting completely online?

    Yes, the program is available 100% online.

  • Click to Show/HideHow does the online certificate program differ from the on-campus program?

    The online and on-campus programs are the same or very similar. The curriculum between the two is identical, and the online courses are led by the same faculty as on-campus courses. Additionally, you will use the same book and do many of the same assignments as on-campus students. The only significant difference is the online delivery method, which allows you to obtain your certificate in a way that better suits your lifestyle and schedule.

  • Click to Show/HideCan I transfer credits from another college or university?

    Students may transfer up to six credit hours from an accredited college or university.

  • Click to Show/HideAre scholarships available for the Certificate in Accounting program?

    At this time, no scholarships are available. However, some employers may provide support through tuition reimbursement programs.

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