Career and Technical Education

Online Track

 Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning - Career and Technical Education Concentration at the University of Louisville Online

This Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning track is designed for career and technical education instructors. It is for professionals who have obtained positions as teachers of career and technical education in technical centers or secondary schools and need to become "state certified" to secure their teaching position.

Courses focus on teaching, evaluation and classroom management skills. To qualify, an individual must document 2,000 hours of prior work experience in an approved specialization. Typical students in the program will have at least five years work experience. Those with less than five years’ work experience may have their resumes evaluated by the B.S. OLL Program prior to admission.

The 64-hour Rank Change program requires 21 hours in the industrial education track, 24 hours in the Occupation/Specialization, and 20 hours in general education.

Graduates of this program receive a Rank II from the Department of Education by completing the TC-1 form.

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