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Typography Overview

by Faust,Brian last modified Jan 24, 2012 10:39 AM

An overview of the typefaces used within the UL brand

UL Typefaces

Delta Jaeger
A strong, confident, progressive and modern typeface that is used in the primary UL logo
Helvetica Neue
A contemporary, modest and technical typeface with a wide range of weights to be used.
ITC Giovanni
Academic, classic, intelligent and traditional in tone, Giovanni is UL's serifed typeface.
Natural, organic, personal and lively.

Tone Chart

Below is a chart to help in determining what typeface, weight and case should be chosen, depending on the aesthetic direction of a given design.

Within the UofL brand there is a wide range of emotional expression available through typography.

NOTE: Not every typeface weight available within the UofL brand is represented below.

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