Owensboro BSN grad receives Stogsdill award

Owensboro BSN grad receives Stogsdill award

Hannah Tipton was the first graduate to receive the Vicki M. Stogsdill Award.

Hannah Tipton, a December 2016 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Nursing Owensboro Extension Program, stood out as a leader among her cohort.

Tipton, 23, is the first to receive the Vicki M. Stogsdill Award, which was established by the Owensboro Health Foundation to provide $5,000 every semester to a graduating UofL nursing student who has shown dedication to learning and excellence in practice and leadership. The UofL program offers the only traditional bachelor of science in nursing degree in the Owensboro region.

Tipton now works in the labor and delivery unit at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. The Owensboro native plans to remain in her hometown and is contemplating eventually returning to school to be educated as a nurse practitioner.


Q:What does it mean to you to receive the Stogsdill award?

A: The fact that I was seen as a leader in my class made me feel proud. Being in nursing school, I was always willing to help my classmates if they didn’t understand something. When it came to clinicals, on the floor I received great feedback from the nurse managers, who called me energetic and enthusiastic about learning.

Q:What inspired you to earn your B.S.N.?

A: The program took about the same amount of time as an associate degree in nursing and I knew I would need a bachelor’s degree eventually. With the UofL extension program in Owensboro, it made it easy for me to pursue a bachelor’s degree. I wanted to pursue my degree after working as a certified nursing assistant for two years at an OB-GYN practice.

Q:How did earning your B.S.N. from UofL prepare you to enter the nursing workforce?

A: I think I benefitted from the nearly 100 additional hours in clinical settings during my practicum. You learn so much each day on the floor with your preceptor. I think seeing how research ties in to what you see in the clinical field better prepares you for how to deal with real situations. Stats show that nurses with B.S.N. degrees have better patient satisfaction and care. I think earning my bachelor’s degree has given me a more holistic view of patient care.

Q:What are your career goals?

A: I eventually would like to be a nurse supervisor or manager. I might go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Jan. 6, 2017