Ruth Craddock Fund


The Ruth Craddock Fund supports the research mission of the University of Louisville, School of Nursing (ULSON). Financial assistance is awarded to qualified undergraduate and graduate students to:

  1. Conduct a research project.
  2. Disseminate research findings at a professional conference.
  3. Support a faculty mentored research conference experience.

Criteria for Awarding Ruth Craddock Funds

Applicant Criteria

  1. The student must be enrolled at the SON in the semester for which they are requesting support.
  2. The student’s faculty research advisor/mentor must support the application.
  3. All graduate students must concurrently apply for funding from the Graduate Student Council/Graduate School to maximize the use of Ruth Craddock Funds. For graduate students requesting funding to present at a conference, you are expected to apply to GSC/SIGS as soon as you receive notification that your abstract is accepted, because the pool of funds available is often limited.


  1. The student must submit an electronic copy of the application to the Research and Grants Manager in the Office of Nursing Research. Students requesting funding to present must submit the application at least 30 days before the conference to be considered for the maximum award of $600.
  2. Applications that are incomplete and/or not signed by the research mentor will not be reviewed.

Competitive Basis for Fund Allocation

Allocation of funding will be based on the merit and quality of the application and available funds. The application will be reviewed by the members of the Research and Scholarship Committee. The committee will give priority to support research and research presentations. Undergraduate and graduate students in any SON program are eligible to apply.  Funds will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year as long as funds are available.  If additional funds are available, a student can apply for more than one award a year.

Award Allocation

 The amount of the award will be determined by the number of requests and the availability of funds. The Research and Scholarship Committee will award a maximum of $600 for applicants who are conducting or presenting research. For applicants attending a research conference as part of a faculty mentored research experience, a maximum of $500 will be awarded. Students must submit a final written report to the Research and Grants Manager in the Office of Nursing Research within 60 days of completion of the research project/presentation or attendance at a research conference. If a final report is not completed within the 60 days, the student will not be eligible for future funding.


 Students will be informed of the funding decision by the committee member responsible for the Ruth Craddock funds.

  1. If applicable, all travel arrangements (registration, airfare, hotel, per diem, ground transportation, etc.) must be made by the Research and Grants Manager in the Office of Nursing Research. Early bird registration is required.
  2. For research grants, expenditure of funds must be coordinated with the Research and Grants Manager in the Office of Nursing Research.

Students approved for funding who do not successfully complete the activity outlined in their application must return all funds awarded.

Final Report

A final report must be submitted within 60 days after the research completion, presentation, or the experience. The report should be emailed to the Research and Grants Manager. The format for the final report is included with this application.

Thank You Note to Dr. Craddock’s Heirs

At the completion of the research/presentation/experience, all awardees must send a personal thank you note to Dr. Craddock’s heirs at the address below. Please briefly describe what you did with the funds and how it supported your development as a researcher.

Ms. Jill Conrad
3933 Pfile Drive
Rootstown, OH  44727

Apply for Ruth B. Craddock Funds

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