Financial Aid & Scholarships

Applicants must consider a number of factors when considering how to pay for higher education. The above resources will help in the process.

The University of Louisville’s Office of Financial Aid staff is dedicated to providing students and their families with courteous and efficient financial services while complying with all federal, state, and university policies. Our goal is to help you explore your options and make your academic goals more affordable. UofL Financial Aid Office

The School of Nursing annually awards a limited number of scholarships to students admitted to the Upper Division Traditional Program, RN-BSN, and Graduate Nursing programs.  The scholarships are awarded for the academic year, and the deadline to apply is the 4th Friday of April.  Students must also submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Applications are reviewed by a sub-committee of Academic Affairs.  The committee then makes recommendations to the associate deans.  Scholarship recipients receive letters by the third week in June.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Online application is available at  Scholarship application will be rejected if student does not have Student Aid Report (SAR) information with scholarship application.

  1. Student will receive the Student Aid Report (SAR).
  2. Call 1-800-433-3243 if SAR is not received within 2 weeks to ascertain status of the report
  3. Submit the University of Louisville School of Nursing Scholarship Fund Application with attached SAR (complete with EFC number) through the School of Nursing website.

Scholarships Available

Patricia Thrasher Arnold Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established for needy and deserving non-traditional students.

Rachel & Erin Beam Memorial Scholarship
This is awarded for a graduate-level degree-seeking student with financial need.

Sharon D. & Robert D. Harris Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a Jefferson County, Kentucky resident based on merit and need.

Humana Scholars Fund
General Scholarship to be awarded for needy students with above-average academic ability.

Patricia K. Lacefield Scholarship
General Scholarship to be awarded for needy students with above-average academic ability.

Hettie A. and Richard B. Morgan Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is awarded to a School of Nursing student pursuing a degree who has participated to a significant extent in some type of community service on a volunteer basis.

Gladys Childress Murray Scholarship
This scholarship is for underrepresented/nontraditional nursing students in upper division.

Marc & Judy Norton Scholarship
General Scholarship to be awarded for needy students with above-average academic ability.

Maria A. Parel Scholarship
This scholarship was created with the intention of creating a student body of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Priority will go to applicants of Filipino-American ethnic origin.

Elizabeth Pritchett Sasse Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established to encourage an individual who wants to be a nurse but lacks financial resources.

Carrie Rabalais Scholarship
General Scholarship to be awarded for needy students with above-average academic ability.

Trilogy Health Services Scholarship - Graduate
This scholarship is awarded to a School of Nursing student in the Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner program

Trilogy Health Services Scholarship - Undergraduate
Scholarship to be awarded for needy students based on merit.

UofL School of Nursing Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to needy students with above-average academic ability.

Emily Van Bever Turner & Evalyn Van Bever Perkins Nursing Scholarship
This is awarded to a nursing student from an Appalachian county and is based on financial need and the promise of excellence in the profession of nursing.


AfterCollege/AACN $10,000 Scholarship Fund
The AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Fund supports students who are seeking a baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.  Special consideration will be given to students in a graduate program with the goal of becoming a nurse educator; students completing an RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN program, and those enrolled in an accelerated program.  Visit the AfterCollege/AACN website.  One scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded each quarter.
Nursing Scholarship Deadlines: March 31June 30September 30December 31

American Association of Colleges of Nursing Financial Aid Database
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing website has many resources available for students to find scholarship, job placement, Schools of Nursing, and financial aid information. Visit the AACN website.

American Cancer Society

  • Master's Scholarships Support for graduate students pursuing master's degrees in cancer nursing. Awards are for up to two years, with stipend of$10,000 per year. Deadline for applications: December 1.
  • Doctoral Scholarships Awarded to graduate students pursuing doctoral study in the following cancer nursing fields: research, education, administration, or clinical practice. Awards are made for up to four years with a stipend of $15,000 per year.

Additional ACS Scholarship information.

Army Nurse Candidate Program
ANCP offers a $10,000 bonus: $5,000 upon acceptance of enrollment documents and $5,000 at start of senior year for students in the program for two years or upon graduation for students in the program for one year.  A monthly stipend for $1,000: Must be enrolled as a full-time student to receive the stipend.  (This includes the summer months.)  To qualify for ANCP you must be a junior or senior nursing student enrolled full time in an accredited BSN program, possess a minimum 3.2 GPA, be a U.S. citizen, and meet the moral and physical qualifications to become an Army Officer.  This is not a ROTC program, so you will not have to be enrolled in any ROTC classes.  For more information about this program and other Army benefits contact SFC Milton Kamala at (502) 423-7342 or email at

Baptist East Nurse Extern Program
Applicants who are registering for their last year (senior status) in an accredited school of nursing are eligible to apply.  For more information about criteria to apply please visit the Baptist East Nurse Extern Program website or contact:
Jami Block, nurse recruiter, Baptist East, at (502) 897-8240 or email

Baptist Hospital East Knowledge Program
Student must be admitted to Upper Division to apply.  The Baptist East Knowledge Program provided funding for students majoring in Nursing.  The program provides $5,000 a year for traditional students and $15,000 for accelerated students.  For more information, please visit the Baptist Hospital East website.  For every $2,500 paid on behalf of the individual for the educational loan program, six months of full-time employment is required upon graduation.

CampusRN Scholarship Fund
Scholarships for Nursing
CampusRN has $15,000 in Scholarships Available to Nursing & Allied Health Students.

Discovering Nursing
This website is a great resource with links to organizations providing financial assistance to nursing students and more information regarding the Nursing profession.  Visit the Discovering Nursing website.

Greater Louisville Medical Society Alliance Career Grants
The Greater Louisville Medical Society Alliance is pleased to announce that it will once again be awarding grants of up to $2,500 to students currently enrolled in an undergraduate registered nursing program as well as other allied health-related fields.  With the exception of the Bellarmine Accelerated Program, no first-year grants will be awarded.  Application may be made after at least one semester of health program coursework has been completed.  Part-time students must be taking nine credit hours to be considered for a grant.  Grants will be awarded for one academic year only.  Should need continue the following year, then students need to reapply.  A new application including new letters of recommendation and an updated transcript may be submitted the following year for consideration.  All completed applications must be received by March 15th for consideration for the upcoming school year!  Please be sure to download the application [PDF].

Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future-American Association of Colleges of Nursing Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars Program
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), with support from the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, is currently offering a seventh round of scholarship funding to underrepresented minority (URM) nursing students who plan to work as nursing faculty after graduation.  Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a doctoral nursing program or a clinically-focused master’s degree program.  Additionally, applicants must commit to becoming full-time faculty in an accredited registered nursing program after graduation.  Mentorship and leadership development are important features of this program.
This scholarship program is designed to address the growing shortage of nurse educators while diversifying the nurse faculty population in the United States.  In addition to seeking out individuals committed to careers in nursing education, this program also will expand the number of culturally competent nurse educators available to teach an increasingly diverse student body.  Be sure to download the application.

Kentuckiana Association of Neonatal Nurses (KANN)
Provides two $500 scholarships for undergraduate senior nursing students who are committed to a career in neonatal nursing.  Scholarship recipients are selected by the KANN Scholarship Committee and may use the funds for tuition and other school expenses.  The KANN Scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship, and is awarded in late September.  Application deadline is July 1.

Kentucky Board of Nursing Incentive Scholarship
* Student must be admitted to Upper Division to apply.  Provides scholarships to Kentucky residents attending approved prelicensure nursing programs or graduate programs.  The scholarship requires that the recipient must work as a nurse in Kentucky for one year for each academic year funded.  The amount of the scholarship is $3000 per year, $1500 per semester.  Scholarship funds may be used for cost of living expenses, as well as school expenses.  Preference is given to applicants with financial need; practical nurses pursuing registered nursing education; and registered nurses pursuing graduation education.  For more information, please visit the website.  Applications are accepted each year from January 1 thru June 1.

Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives
The Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives is pleased to announce our scholarship awards program for 2012.  There are four $1500 scholarships offered:

  • One $1500 scholarship for an NP, CNM, or RN pursuing a doctoral degree in nursing.
  • Two $1500 scholarships for RNs pursuing MSN.
  • One $1500 Jacqueline Bail Memorial Nurse Practitioner scholarship for an RN pursuing MSN.

For more information please visit the website.  Applications are accepted until 5:00 pm EST February 15, 2013.

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program (KEES)

This program provides grants to Kentucky high school students based on the grades they earn in high school.  The better students perform in high school, the more money they earn for college.  Supplemental grants may also be awarded based on ACT or SAT scores.  To access KEES information, visit their website at

Kentucky Nurses Foundation Scholarship
* Student must be admitted to Upper Division to apply.  This scholarship is awarded each Fall.  Please see the criteria below, for applying.  Information regarding this scholarship is available on the website.  To be eligible for a KNF Scholarship, an applicant enrolled in a pre-licensure program (ADN or BSN), must have successfully completed 1 semester of nursing coursework or an applicant enrolled in a post-licensure program (MSN, NP, DNP, etc.) must show evidence of acceptance in the program of advance study.

This website includes links to organizations providing financial assistance to nursing students.

Minority Nurse Scholarship Program
Sponsored by Minority Nurse Magazine, scholarships up to $1000 may be awarded to minority nursing students who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the nursing profession and to their communities.  The awards are specifically designed to assist RN's and undergraduate students in completing a four-year baccalaureate degree.  For more information or to receive an application, contact Valerie Anderson at or by calling her at (847) 448-1005.

National Black Nurses' Association, Incorporated (NBNA)
Various scholarships are available to candidates currently enrolled in a nursing program (BSN, AD, Diploma, or LPN/LVN) and in good scholastic standing.  Must be a member of NBNA and a member of a local chapter.  Applicant must have at least one full year of school remaining.  Application deadline is April 15 each and every year.  Scholarships range from $500 -$2000, and applications are available at the School of Nursing.

Norton Healthcare Scholars Program

* Student must be admitted to Upper Division to apply. Norton Healthcare Scholarships are available to full-time students who are majoring in Nursing.  Only students admitted to Upper Division are eligible.  Those selected are eligible for up to $6,000 per year towards tuition and eligible expenses.  The amount received per year is based on the cost of the program in which you are enrolled and the number of years you participate in the Norton Healthcare Scholars Program.  The maximum amount of funding available from Norton Healthcare Scholars Program is $24,000.  Funds will be paid directly to your school to be placed into your account.  For more information please visit their website.  Application are accepted April 1- May1 for Fall Semester and August 1- September 1 for Spring Semester.

Norton Healthcare Nurse Externship
* Student must be admitted to Upper Division to apply.  The Nursing Extern Program is an annual hands-on program for exceptional nursing students that provides a priceless opportunity to learn and work directly with Norton Healthcare, the region's premier health care system.

This program welcomes nursing students during the summer before your senior (or final) year of school.  If selected, you can elect to participate in one of our many hospitals throughout the region in multiple specialty areas.  The externship is an intensive seven-week program working in which you will work and engage in hands-on learning with an experienced mentor.  For more information, visit the website or email

Nurses' Educational Funds. Inc.
Scholarships for Masters and Doctoral Study in Nursing Awarded by Nurses' Educational Funds, Inc. the premier foundation supporting students of graduate nursing education.  Deadline is March 1st.

Nurse Reinvestment Act Program
In response to the national nursing shortage, the Nurse Reinvestment Act of 2002 was signed into law in August 2002.  The Act amends Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act: Nursing Workforce Development and authorizes new programs to increase the number of qualified nurses and the quality of nursing services in the U.S. Funding to implement the new programs was appropriated by Congress in February 2003.  This memo is being sent to all University of Louisville School of Nursing students to make each aware of this potential for financial aid. Learn more.

Oncology Nursing Society
To provide scholarships to individuals who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing planning to or currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing.  Award: $2,000. Application deadline: February 1

  • MSN Scholarship Award: $3,000. Application Deadline: February 1
  • To improve oncology nursing by assisting RNs in fulfilling their education.
  • $5,000 Roberta Pierce Scofield Doctoral Scholarship*, supported by the ONS Foundation
  • $3,000 Ann Olson Memorial Doctoral Scholarship*, supported by Pfizer, Inc.
  • $3,000 Doctoral Scholarships, supported by the ONS Foundation
  • $3,000 Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship*, supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology

Application Deadline: February 1

For more information please visit their website.

Owensboro Health - Educational Assistance Program
Owensboro Health provides financial assistance of up to $2,500 per semester to cover tuition, fees, and books.  Assistance is awarded prior to the fall or spring semester, whichever is applicable. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA and current enrollment in the nursing program.  In applying for educational assistance, students commit to work at Owensboro Health for a designated period of time--six months for every semester funded--once they obtain registered nursing licensure.  Students who reject an offer of employment or withdraw from their nursing program are expected to reimburse the educational assistance plus 8 percent.  For more information, visit their website or contact Salanda Bowman, Nurse Recruiter at

Owensboro Health - Nurse Externship Program
Owensboro Health offers an 8-week program giving students hands-on experience in an exciting healthcare environment.  Requirements to apply include: Enrollment in an accredited registered nursing program; entering your last year of schooling; cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale).  Deadline to apply for 2014 is May 23, 2014.  For more information, visit their website or contact Salanda Bowman, Nurse Recruiter at

The United States Army
The US Army offers scholarships and financial assistance opportunities to students wanting to serve in the Army Nurse Corp.  Army Nursing Scholarships pay for university tuition, class fees, lab fees, student activities fees and $600.00 towards books.  In addition, all scholarship students receive a stipend up to $400.00 per month for personal expenses.  Some of our requirements are: (1) admission into UofL Nursing and Army ROTC programs jointly, (2) good scholastic standing in both programs, (3) ability to pass the Army officer program physical, (4) maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness.  For more information about scholarships and other financial assistance contact MAJ Coy Turner or CPT Neil Boone at 502-852-7902 or email

Tolliver Annual Nursing Scholarship
The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver, MD & Associates, PLLC is investing in the education of Kentucky’s nurses.  The firm is sponsoring five $1,000 scholarships for Kentucky high school students who will be attending a Kentucky college or university and plan to pursue a degree in nursing. Dr. Tolliver received his medical degree from the University of Louisville and now practices law in Louisville.  Deadline: Apply by 1/15 through Jack Tolliver’s website.

Minority Scholarships

AAPINA Scholarship Program
Sponsored by the Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association, this $1,000 annual scholarship is for members of at least two years who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate nursing programs and meet academic and leadership requirements.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Scholarships
The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium offers 10 $5,000 scholarships to Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled in training or education programs that would allow them to work in the health care field. Applicants must be permanent Alaska residents.

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program
The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America offers an annual $1,500 scholarship to help students of American Indian descent complete nursing programs and work in health care.

IHS Scholarship Program
The Indian Health Service offers three scholarship programs of varying amounts for Alaska Native and American Indian students studying health care. Recipients must commit to working in an Indian health program for two years.

M. Elizabeth Carnegie African American Memorial Award
Nurses Educational Fund, Inc., offers a $2,000 endowed scholarship to African American nurses in doctoral nursing programs. The award was named after M. Elizabeth Carnegie, the first Black nurse to serve as a voting member on the board of a state nursing association.

NAANA Scholarships for Nursing Study
The National American Arab Nurses Association offers an annual scholarship program for applicants of Arab descent who are members of NAANA and enrolled at any level of nursing program. This can include associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or RN-to-BSN programs.

NAHN United Health Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship is for members of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), who have enrolled full-time in a nursing program. The scholarship awards $5,000 for three years.

Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program

The National Health Service Corps, part of the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration, offers this scholarship to native Hawaiians pursuing careers in health care. The scholarship covers tuition and other school-related costs and provides a monthly stipend. In return, you must work in a medically underserved area within Hawaii for every year of funding you receive.

NBNA Nursing Scholarships
The National Black Nurses Association offers a number of scholarship programs for NBNA members. Applicants must have at least one year of school remaining and awards vary from $1,000 to $6,000 depending on the specific scholarship.

Philippine Nurses Association of America Scholarship
One $1,000 scholarship is offered to PNAA members who are graduate students pursuing a doctorate or post-master’s degree. Other academic requirements may apply.

Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship for African American students under 30 who live in Michigan is designed to help students attend health care programs. Award amounts vary and students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Udall Undergraduate Scholarship
This award of up to $7,000 is earmarked for Native American and Alaska Native college students who are studying a health care field and plan to work with native communities during their careers.

Graduate Student Assistantships

A Graduate Student Assistantship is a financial award to a full-time graduate student for the period of 10-12 months. Students must be admitted to a graduate degree program and/or be a continuing graduate student in good standing with a GPA of at least 3.0. The award includes health insurance and a stipend of $20,000 for PhD students (12 months) and $14,000 for Master's and DNP students (10 months). The application deadline is February 15th for PhD students and April 15th for Master's and DNP students. Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. The 12-month assistantships run for a fiscal year from August 1st to July 31st and 10-months from August 1st to May 31st .

Learn more about the job.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Accepted as a graduate student in the Master of Science in Nursing, DNP, or PhD program.
    • Graduate student in good standing with a GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Required to enroll in full-time study during the assistantship period.
    • Required to work 20 hrs/week in the School of Nursing as a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant.
    • Completion of the online UofL School of Nursing Graduate Assistantship Application.

Submission of online application by 5pm on February 15th if a PhD student, or by 5pm April 15th if a Master's or DNP student.

Selection Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by the appropriate associate dean.
  • Interviews will be requested with selected candidates.
  • Assistantship recipients will be notified by mail of the award.
  • Priority is given to PhD and DNP students.