DNP Virtual Poster Presentation

Instructions for Preparing and uploading your Poster Presentation

This presentation should be three slides long.

Slide 1: Voice over your title, your name, and your committee names and put the following on the slide:
Project Title:
Committee Member:

Slide 2: Poster – voice over your 5-minute presentation.

Slide 3: References (If they did not fit on your poster) – voice over “Here are my references if anyone would like additional information on this topic.”

End presentation

Recording and Submitting Your Virtual Poster Presentation

Please use the following steps to record and submit your poster presentation.

  1. Record your presentation. Use the following instructions from Microsoft to record an audio track within your presentation.

  2. Export your presentation as a video. Use the following instructions from Microsoft to export your presentation as a video file. When exporting, please set the resolution to a minimum of HD (720p) and use the following format as the file name:
    • Acute Care filename: AC-LastName-FirstName
    • Family/Adult Gero Primary Care filename: FG-LastName-FirstName
    •  Psychiatric Mental Health filename: PMH-LastName-FirstName

  3. Upload your presentation. After reviewing your video to ensure that recorded timings and narrations were exported correctly, proceed to the DNP Virtual Poster Presentation upload submission page and submit your presentations.