DNP and Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Compliance

  1. CPR Certification:
    Must complete CPR training through the American Heart Association: BLS for Healthcare Providers.
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the CPR card.
  2. Student Consent and Release Form
    Form available on the School of Nursing webpage.
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the signed form.
  3. HIPAA Training Courses:
    Registering for HIPAA courses offered via the CITI platform ( Only required prior to first semester of clinicals. Does not have to be renewed unless notified by the university.
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the Completion Page.

Instructions for HIPAA Training
Registering on CITI for the first time:

  • Go to CITI website:
  • From the home screen, click on Register at top right
  • Select Your Institution or Organization: Type University of Louisville in the first box ( do not check in the second box for Independent Learner Registration) check the I agree and the I affirm boxes. Continue and follow directions.
  • Personal Information: Enter your first and last name, as recorded with the university. Under email use your U of L email ( as the email address. You can add another preferred address to the Secondary email address field, if you like. If you do not use your primary U of L email address (not your PEA) in the first email field, your training results could be delayed in posting to iRIS. Please note: the email addresses entered here are the ones that any future password requests will be sent to; you are encouraged to use addresses that are stable and make sure to enter them without any typos. Continue to next step
  • Create Your Username and Password: Follow the instructions on the page regarding size and criteria. The username and password can be anything of your choosing that is accepted by the system. Continue to Step 4
  • Information requested by U of L: Complete the demographic information. Fields that are marked by an asterisk are required by the system. If you have a University of Louisville ID (Employee or Student), please enter it in the Employee Number field. Continue to next Step.
  • How would you like to register for courses? Check Guided Registration.
  • Finalize Registration
  • Select View Courses box.
  • When you reach Courses Ready to Begin page click on “Start Now” in big box University of Louisville, Institutional Compliance- U of L General Population State1 – Basic Course When Required Modules page comes up do the four courses: Institutional Compliance Awareness, Basics of Information Security, Part 1 & Part II, Conflict of Interest-Specific Policies.
    Upon completion of all required modules and achieving 80% overall correct, a link will appear on the Grade Book page with your Completion Report. Print this report for your records.Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the COMPLETION REPORT.
  • If you need help, please call 502-852-2454.
  1. Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance:
    Course offered online by the university and provides a Certificate of Completion.
    Required Yearly.
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the Certificate of Completion.
    Instructions for the on-line training follows:
  • Go to
  • This will take you to a log in page; use your U of L username and password to log on.
  • Click on BioRaft
  • Under "on-line training courses" click on Bloodborne Pathogens Training.
  • After you are logged in, click “Launch”
  • Review modules
  • Take quiz (if you miss any, it will take you back to those questions until you receive 100%)
  • To get the certificate, you can go to, log in with your U of L username and password, go to “My Training”. This will list all of the training you have taken that is provided by DEHS. You can print a certificate from there. If you have problems contact DEHS at 502-852-6670
  1. Professional Liability Insurance for DNP Nursing Students:
    Please apply early. It may take 4-6 weeks to receive your policy after you apply. Effective date of policy should be first day of semester. Student Coverage with limits of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000.
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting a copy of the policy cover page that has been issued with an effective date and coverage limits. An application is NOT proof of coverage.
  2. Proof of Registered Nursing Licensure:
    Requirement fulfilled by submitting verification from the KBN registry or state where you are licensed.
  3. Immunization Compliance:
    >This must be completed at the Campus Health Services office. Check with the immunization specialist at 852-2708 to confirm you are in compliance. For list of required immunizations go to:
    Requirement fulfilled through notification from Campus Health Services to the School of Nursing.
  4. Drug Screening:
    Please go to the following website for instructions on how to register for the test. select Doctoral Mile 2.

    Use the same account that you used when you established your background check. If you don’t know your account information, contact the CBC Customer Service Department at (888) 666-7788 ext. 7194.
    Required for first semester clinicals. Drug tests must be submitted 6 months or less prior to the semester clinical compliance date.

Requirement fulfilled upon the SON receipt of test results from the Castlebranch company. All results will be kept confidential.

The testing site closest to you can be found on this website. Please keep your login and password in case it is needed for future use. Students will be required to pay for the testing. You will receive the results of your drug screen. However, if you are unable to provide evidence of a negative drug screen, you will not be allowed to attend clinical and thus must withdraw from all clinical courses. Please note that Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 314.031 has mandatory reporting requirements for licensed nurses that the SON must follow.

NOTE: Criminal Background Check requirement met during admissions application process. No further action required at this time. See appropriate student handbook for details

You may upload your proof of compliance documents using the DNP and Post Graduate Certificate Clinical Compliance upload form.