University Honors Program

Students who demonstrate potential for high levels of achievement find multiple opportunities for academic and personal development in the University Honors Program at the University of Louisville. Established in 1982 and redefined in 1985, the Honors Program has been enrolling and serving increasing numbers of students. Over 1,200 Honors students are currently involved in Honors work with 750 students enrolled each semester in Honors courses and seminars. On average, more than 400 new students participate in the University Honors Program each year.

Program eligibility guidelines:

If you are a current or transfer students not in your first semester at UofL:

  • 24 or fewer credit hours:
    28 ACT/1250 SAT (CR + M) and a 3.5 GPA
  • 25 to 69 credit hours: 
    No ACT or SAT requirement necessary - transfer or UofL GPA or 3.35 or higher
  • All students must apply with the Honors Program and must meet with an academic counselor before an admission decision will be made.

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