Spring 2016

Orientation for New and Transfer students admitted for the Spring of 2016


Completing the orientation requirement is a two step process including:

1) Registration

2) Completion of either the online or on-campus program.

    ONLINE - $40 fee - If you opt for online orientation, once you submit your orientation registration form it will be available on Blackboard under "My Organizations" the following business day. (Note: Entering students into Blackboard is a manual process taking place at the beginning of each workday). To successfully complete the online orientation there is an assessment that must be passed with a 70% or better. Once you complete this process you may contact your advising unit.

    ON CAMPUS $40 fee/$15per guest - If you register for an on-campus session you will receive a confirmation email a few days prior to your session (links to the agenda and parking information). The email reminder will be sent to your cardmail account. Academic advising will be available for A&S and Education. All other students may contact their advising units and make an appointment. If made on the day of your orientation be sure that it is after 2:00 pm.

    On Campus Spring 2016 Orientation Dates:

    October 30

    November 20

    December 18

    Submit Orientation Registration