Family Orientation

Your student is officially becoming a Louisville Cardinal, and we want to invite you to join in on the fun! Register for Family Orientation this summer, where we will make sure you have all the necessary information you need to partner with and support your student as they begin their future with us at UofL! By taking part in this event, you will learn more about:

Important Information:

  • $50 registration fee per guest that covers all materials, staffing and two meals (lunch & dinner).
  • Preregistration is required.  Due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee entrance the day of programming for anyone not preregistered.
  • Family Orientation registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis, and space is not guaranteed for any given session.
  • Family Orientation is a concurrent session that runs simultaneously to the Freshman Orientation program.  Student and Family Orientation are two entirely separate programs, and students can see their family member(s) at lunch and dinner.
  • Family Orientation is held on the first day of each Freshman Orientation session from approximately 7:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.
  • Family Orientation is optional, but encouraged.
  • Overnight accommodations are NOT provided for family members/guests.

Registration Information:

Your student has the ability to register up to two guests/family members for Family Orientation through their New Cards Gateway (where they paid their enrollment deposit and registered for student orientation).  The Family Orientation registration fee is due within 24 hours of submission in the student's New Cards Gateway.

2024 Family Orientation Session Dates:

Family Orientation sessions are held on day one of each student orientation session.  Because the Student and Family Orientation sessions are separate, family members may either register for a session their student is attending or choose to attend Family Orientation on a separate date from their student if that works better for their schedule.

Session 1: Thursday, May 23 Session 8: Monday, June 17
Session 2: Tuesday, May 28
Session 9: Thursday, June 20
Session 3: Thursday, May 30
Session 10: Monday, June 24
Session 4: Monday, June 3
Session 11: Thursday, June 27
Session 5: Thursday, June 6
Session 12: Monday, July 1
Session 6: Monday, June 10
Session 13: Monday, July 8
Session 7: Thursday, June 13