Why choose the UofL Dance Academy?

Do you want your dancer/child trained in an age and developmentally appropriate manner?

Do you want to build you dancer/child’s self- esteem?

Do you want to foster and develop critical thinking, thinking outside of the box and the ability to creatively solve problems?

Do you want your dancer/child to develop self-respect, focus, responsibility, a good work ethic and to become a self-motivator?

Do you want your dancer/child to learn to strive for something bigger than them as an individual?

Do you want your dancer/child treated with care and respect?

Do you want an environment in which class is for training and rehearsals are scheduled separately and have no fee?

Do you want your dancer/child to perform without paying for costumes?

Do you want your child to develop friendships which will last a lifetime?

If your answer to the questions listed above is yes then the University of Louisville Dance Academy is the place for you. At the Dance Academy we specialize in training young people, pre-school through college. We also have adult classes. Since 1972 we have been providing ballet training to young people in a manner that promotes the joy of dance in addition to providing quality training.

We understand that very few students who walk through our door want to pursue dance past college. That is why we provide both a recreational and professional track of training.

No matter what your dancer/child’s aspirations in dance happen to be they deserve quality training and performing opportunities. More specific information is available elsewhere on this web-site.

No, we don’t compete or have trophies. What we have is a list of dancers that have gone on to major in dance and/or dance professionally. We also have a list of dancers that have gone on to become attorneys, doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers… All of these dancers are individuals of quality contributing to the world.

Put our years of expertise to work for your dancer/child. We are worth the drive.