UofL Dance Theatre

The U of L Dance Theatre is a pre- professional ballet company affiliated with the U of L Dance Academy and a member of the Kentuckiana Cultural Consortium. The U of L Dance Theatre is by invitation only. Those students invited to participate are required to take a minimum of four weekly classes and to attend rehearsals. The Apprentices are the aspirant group to the Dance Theatre. Those students invited to participate are required to take a minimum of four classes a week. These groups have the opportunity to perform in the annual Lecture Demonstration, Clara’s Dream, Spring Gala, an Evening of Dance at the Iroquois Amphitheater and at community outreach programs throughout the year.

The Lecture Demonstration
The Lecture Demonstration allows all students from Beginning through Dance Theatre the opportunity for an educational, onstage, performance experience. It is held in March. Rehearsals will be held separately from classes and attendance at all rehearsals is required. Sign-up sheets will be posted.

Clara’s Dream
The U of L Dance Theatre’s Nutcracker, Clara’s Dream, is performed in December. Dance Academy students Levels I-Dance Theatre may participate. Mandatory rehearsals are held outside of class times. A full rehearsal and performance schedule is provided before the dancers sign up and begin their rehearsals in September. We understand that this can be a big commitment for fall semester and endeavor to provide our students and parents with the necessary information needed to choose whether or not participation is an option. Even though there is a significant commitment involved, our young dancers who choose to participate are rewarded with a very positive performing experience.