Rules & Regulations

Dress Code

The required uniform leotard color varies with the school level. All girls will wear pink tights and shoes. Creative movement, Pre- Ballet and Beginners - pink; Levels I and II - burgundy; Levels III and IV - navy; Level V and Apprentice - black; Dance Theatre - black, forest green and SERBA color. Leg warmers, black tights, T-shirts, sweatshirts and skirts ARE NOT PERMITTED. Hair must be pulled up neatly; ponytails and braids are not acceptable. In pointe classes, ribbons must be neatly tucked in.

All boys will wear white tucked-in T-shirts, black tights, white socks and shoes. Long hair must be kept off the face.

Adult Classes
Usually a dress code is not required. Ballet shoes are required for all classes.

If any student absence is unavoidable, the Dance Office should be notified before the scheduled class begins. Classes missed for a reasonable excuse may be made up. Contact the Dance Office at 852-6878 for assignment to an alternate class. No fee adjustments will be made for classes the student does not make up.