New Media Admission Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in New Media program at the University of Louisville has three required components, which are listed below. Admission to the New Media program must include successful admission to both the University of Louisville and the School of Music.

School of Music Admission Requirements and Audition Dates

1) Admission to the University of Louisville

These requirements usually include such things as prerequisite degrees, acceptable GPA, minimum ACT score, and, for international students, minimum TOEFL scores. The list is only an example and is not complete or official. Please be sure to review all university-wide requirements for admission. 

2) Admission to the School of Music

For undergraduate students, this includes a successful audition on an instrument or voice. This is required of all potential undergraduate New Media majors. Please review the information on the School of Music web pages for this information or contact the instrumental or vocal faculty directly. 

3) Admission to the New Media program

Applicants to the BA in Music with emphasis in New Media program must submit a portfolio of work that includes two to four samples of original creative work. For example, music composition, song writing, sound recording, sound for video or multimedia, electronic music, creative writing, photography, visual art, sound art, etc. Evidence of experience using personal computers in the production of creative work is helpful. 

Some examples of creative work include a recording of a song that you have written, a recording from a band or ensemble in which you perform, a piece of music created in a sequencer (Garage Band, Logic, FL Studio), a music album, EP, or collection of songs, creating music or a sound design for a preexisting video or film, creating an audio interview with a musician or a podcast, a piece of creative writing (poem or lyrics), a graphic or flyer used to promote an artist or event, a website, etc.

The goal of the New Media portfolio review is to determine the creative potential of a prospective student as it pertains to music technology. Professional productions or commercial-ready work is not expected.

Applicants should include a written document that outlines their interests and goals in regards to new media, and summarizes the work examples being submitted. 

*Note that admission to the New Media program is not possible without admission to both the University of Louisville and the School of Music. Although the Creative Studies faculty may find your portfolio admissible, this is only one component of the admission process, and you must be admitted to the University of Louisville and the School of Music to become a New Media major. 

4) New Media Portfolio Submission

The New Media portfolio should be submitted by posting the materials to Google Drive, DropBox, or other file sharing platform and providing the link to the School of Music Admissions Coordinator. The Admissions Coordinator will then share the link with the Creative Studies faculty for review. Please be sure that the link to your portfolio does not require a password or any special credentials to access your materials.

For scholarship consideration, applications and portfolios should be received by February 1.