Critical Language Scholarships

Four students from Prof. Khaldoun Almousily's Arabic language classes have won prestigious Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) in Arabic.

Awarded for further study of Arabic

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) is an overseas language and cultural immersion program for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students. The fully-funded scholarship aims to expand the number of U.S. residents profcient in critical languages while building relationships between people in the United States and other countries.

Jordanian native Khaldoun Almousily has been at this university for just two semesters. In that time, his Arabic language classes have become extremely popular and are now an essential element of our Middle East and Islamic Studies program. Four of his students have won CLS summer immersion awards in Arabic. All four credit Almousily’s language instruction—plus his ability to weave a bit of history and culture into his curriculum—with their success in earning the award. His experience as a CLS Arabic national review selection pan-elist while on the faculty of Western Ken-tucky University provided unique insights he passed on to his students about what a successful CLS application requires.

Junior Jeremy Ball has received a Critical Language Scholarship to study at Noor Majan Training Institute in Ibri, Oman. He

National and International Scholarships will be immersed in local culture, stay with a host family and focus on mastery of Arabic. An Honors Scholar and McConnell Scholar, Jeremy balances two demanding majors at the University one in political science from College of Arts and Sciences and another in economics from the College of Business.

Senior Christian Brawner is pro led above as a Fulbright recipient to Jordan. His CLS takes him to Meknes, Morocco this summer for intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic at the Advanced level. From there he has a month he could spend traveling in the Middle East prior to taking up his teaching duties in Jordan.

Anna Cecile Pepper, a sophomore McConnell Scholar and Vogt Scholarship holder, will study Arabic at the Intermediate level based at the Noor Majan Training Institute in Ibri, Oman with her CLS. She is a double major in political science and economics with minors in Middle East and Islamic Studies and Spanish. The CLS will fortify her strong interest in American Foreign Policy.

Tanner Wright who is also a sophomore has received a Critical Language Scholarship to study at The Arab American Language Institute in Tangier, Morocco. As an immersion in the local culture, he will live with a host family while he works towards mastery of Arabic. His majors are history and political science. Two of his previous involvements have been with the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program and the National Security Language Initiative for Youth. Both grants are merit-based and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.