Language Placement Exams FAQ


How do I find the appropriate language placement exam?

Click on the language you wished to be tested on here.

Is there a fee to take a language placement exam?

There is a $10 fee to take the WebCAPE for French, German, Russian or Spanish as a Second Language and a $40 fee for the Latin placement exam.

Why do I need to take a language placement exam?


You don't want to waste time, mental energy or money by starting your foreign language study at a level below or above your abilities. The Foreign Language Placement Exam will show both you and us which foreign language class at UofL is right for you.

Do I still need to take a placement exam…


...if I am waiting for an AP score?

YES! All students continuing in French, German, Russian or Spanish as a Second Language must take the language placement exam.

if I only had very little of the language?

if I’ve had some French, German, Russian or Spanish but I don’t feel confident and I want to take the Basic (121) course?”
YES! No student with any French, German, Russian or Spanish will be allowed to take basic language course without the placement exam. The placement exam will help us determine your level more objectively.

...if I’ve had some French (or German, or Russian or Spanish) but I forgot every thing?
YES! (see above)

if I never had the language before?
NO. If you’ve had NONE of the language you wish to study, you should start with a Basic language course (121 or 101). This is the ONLY case when you don’t need to take the test.

What does my score mean?


Read the instructions on how to interpret the Spanish, French, Russian and German exam results.

Can I register for a different course than indicated in the score interpretation?


NO. Follow the instructions exactly but keep in mind that you will have a chance to discuss your situation with a language coordinator during registration. Any necessary adjustment to a student’s placement will be made promptly during the first few days of class.

How do I get credit for the courses I have placed out of?


First, you need to enroll in (and then complete) the course you placed into.  At the end of the semester, you need to apply for the credits by submitting an application for language credits to your current language instructor.   If you took a language course some time ago and have not yet received credit for the courses tested out of, you can submit the form to the Department of Classical and Modern Languages.

I learned French, German, or Russian outside of class. Should I take the placement exam?

Yes.  Please take the Web-CAPE placement exam and then contact the appropriate advisor to discuss your score

French Prof. Wendy Yoder,

German Prof.  Jordan Gabbard jordan.

Russian Prof. Tom Dumstorf,

I learned Spanish outside of class. Should I take the placement exam?


No! For more information go to