POLS 399-01: Religion & International Politics

Class Offered in Fall 2016

Course Description

medieval battle scene drawn in black and whiteHow has religion influenced international relations and conflict since the rise of the modern nation state? This course is divided into three sections. The first section sets out to define religion, explore religion’s historical role in organizing conflict and relations between polities, and explain how religious thought has influenced the development of the core theoretical traditions in the study of international relations. The second section of the course will delve into modern explanations of the role religion may play in organizing relations between states. Finally, the third section of the course will discuss the relationship between religion and the transnational political actions of sub-state groups. In this course, we will explore the following questions (among others):

  • How has religion influenced the global order since the end of the Cold War?
  • Are transnational terrorists generally motivated by religious ideology?
  • What is the relationship between nationalism and religious identity?
  • How has globalization influenced the role that religion plays in transnational politics?

Class meets: MWF 11:00 – 11:50 AM


If you have any questions about the course, please contact Ammar Shamaileh by email at muhammad.shamaileh@louisville.edu.