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Our research team is comprised of scientists, engineers, physicians, technicians, and physical therapists who work together to understand how the nervous system works during human locomotion. We focus on retraining the nervous system to facilitate the recovery of standing and stepping in individuals with spinal cord injury. Our studies investigate not only physiological characteristics that enable retraining of the nervous system to stand and walk (i.e. neuroplasticity and modulation of reflexes); they also examine a number of issues secondary to spinal cord injury including clonus, muscle and bone atrophy, decreased cardiovascular function and respiratory muscle weakness.


2011 - spinal cord rehabilitation



Information for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries

If you would like information about the program, including the potential to participate in the research, please fill out our questionnaire.

Submissions does not guarantee a response, admittance into the program or any commitment by the program. The questionnaire is to help us better understand those that are interested and to potentially identify future candidates
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