Research Opportunities

Supplemental and Award Opportunities

Distinction Track Program

The Distinction Track Program is designed as an enrichment program for students that apply and are selected. The University of Louisville currently has four Distinction Tracks: Business and Leadership, Global Health, Medical Education, and Research. Each track is unique in its requirements, ensures a mentored longitudinal experience, and culminates in a scholarly project.

If you are interested in Distinction Track Program, please contact:

Emily Noonan


Summer Research Scholar Program

The Summer Research Scholar Program (SRSP) provides a ten-week summer research experience to rising 2nd-year medical students interested in summer research.  There is a stipend of $3,000 - $4,300 (depending on the sponsor of the funding). The goal of the SRSP is to provide medical students who are interested in research the opportunity to participate in a research project and expose them to the research environment of an academic medical center and the activities of academic physicians and scientists.
If you are interested in the Summer Research Scholar program, please contact Anne Noe 


Graduate Student “IPIBS” Program

The Integrated Programs in Biomedical Sciences (IPIBS) is a gateway for graduate students interested in biomedical research as a career choice.

If you are interested in this the IPIBS program please contact: Russell Salter, PhD


MD-MA in Bioethics and Medical Humanities

The University of Louisville offers a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Health Care Ethics. This is a supplemental degree intended to enhance graduates’ contextual experience within their primary professional field.

If you are interested in the MD-MA program please contact: Dr. Stephen Hanson


National Postdoctoral Association

The mission of the NPA is to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting enhanced research training and a culture of enhanced professional growth to benefit scholarship and innovation.

If you are interested in the NPA program please contact: NPA (301) 984-4800


Health Justice Scholars

The Health and Social Justice Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity of educating professional and doctoral students in an interprofessional manner to produce high quality scholarly activities related to health equity, health and healthcare disparities, social justice, and healthcare innovation with the goal of benefitting underserved and disadvantaged populations.

If you are interested in the Health Justice Scholars program please contact:


NCI Cancer Education Program

The long-term objective of the University of Louisville Cancer Education Program is to recruit, educate and motivate outstanding undergraduate and professional students to pursue further training and future careers in cancer research. 

If you are interested in the NCI Cancer Education program please contact: David W. Hein, PhD or La Creis R. Kidd, PhD, MPH


Medical Education Research Unit

The mission of the Medical Education Research Unit is to improve the health of patients by supporting research that focuses on medical education across the continuum of undergraduate and graduate education to train competent and compassionate providers.

If you are interested in Med Ed Research Opportunities, please contact: Susan Sawning,, (502) 852-0420


External Research Opportunities

Research!Louisville October 25-29, 2021

Submission of an abstract signifies intent to display a scientific poster during Research!Louisville. Posters must be displayed for the entire session to which assigned. Presenting authors are required to be present for the first half of the session. The deadline for submitting an abstract is 5:00 PM Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Abstracts submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.