Faculty and Staff Contributors

Faculty and Staff Contributors

The eQuality Project is a collaborative effort between the Undergraduate Medical Education Office, the School of Medicine Office for Community Engagement and Diversity, and the LGBT Center at the University of Louisville.

This initiative is overseen by the eQuality Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Group Photo

Members include:

Chaz Briscoe, MA
Emily Carr, MA
Dwayne Compton, MEd
Amy Holthouser, MD
Charles Kodner, MD
Leslee Martin, MA
David McIntosh, PhD
Emily Noonan, MA
Susan Sawning, MSSW
Ann Shaw, MD, MA
Stacie Steinbock, MEd
Jennifer Stephens, BA
Laura Weingartner, PhD, MS

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National partners play key consulting roles in eQuality. Our partners include:
John Davis, MD, PhD (The Ohio State University**)**UCSF in July
Kristen Eckstrand, MD, PhD (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)
Jenny Potter, MD (Harvard University and Fenway Health)

eQuality is a schoolwide effort. Our content experts, faculty, and other contributors include:
Carrie Bohnert, MPA
Kyle Brothers, MD
Brian Buford, MEd
Lori Caloia, MD
Carolyn Casella, PhD
Ryan Combs, PhD
Luz Fernandez, MD
Toni Ganzel, MD, MBA
Faye Jones, MD, PhD, MSPH
Suzanne Kingery, MD
Jennifer Koch, MD
Charles Kodner, MD
Rhiannon Ledgerwood, ULSOM Class of 2018
Katie Leslie, PhD
Nicole Luddington, MD
Laura Morton, MD
Adam Neff, ULSOM Class of 2018
Eli Pendleton, MD
Clayton Smith, MD
Kathy Vincent, MD

See more about our community contributors here.