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For information on how to receive CME credit, contact the TeleMedicine office (502) 852-1559. You can watch or participate in Grand Rounds here:

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TeleHealth at the University of Louisville


The University of Louisville TeleMedicine Center was opened as a directive from Kentucky House Bill 177 in 2001. This directive paved the way for a statewide video conferencing network. The purpose of this network is to deliver clinical, educational and administrative programming to healthcare facilities throughout the entire state of Kentucky. The network took the name “Kentucky TeleHealth Network”. Current programming provided by UofL includes specialists in Louisville reading echocardiograms via the network. In the past this process required facilities taping an echo on a VCR tape and mailing it to Louisville. Results were not confirmed for 2 to 4 days after the echo had been recorded. Now these can be read while the patient is in the rural office. Follow-up consultations for open heart patients have saved patients a whole day of travel to Louisville in some cases. This is especially positive in providing a standard of care to rural patients that many times miss follow-up appointments due to the expense, inconvenience and stress of traveling hours for an office visit.

Other TeleMedicine services currently available: Adult Cardiology discharge, Adult Neurology, Pediatric Dermatology, Adult and Pediatric Psychiatry

Plans are currently underway to provide other specialty care including Pediatric Specialty clinics in Cardiology, Neurology, Epidemiology and Genetics with expansion to more offerings soon.


Educational Programming


In addition the University of Louisville offers a multitude of educational programming. This includes Grand Round lectures offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits: Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular, Medical Education, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. For information on how to receive CME credit, contact the TeleMedicine office (502) 852-1559. You can watch or participate in Grand Rounds here:

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TeleHealth Board Executive Summary


January 2012

Kentucky has one of the most progressive telehealth programs in the country, and was the first state to legislatively mandate Medicaid and commercial insurance coverage for telehealth, as well as create the statewide telehealth initiative in the 2000 legislative session. The Kentucky Telehealth Network (KTHN) uses technology to extend healthcare resources to our medically underserved no matter where they live.

The KTHN consists of 200+ telehealth facilities across the Commonwealth, including all three medical schools, hospitals, primary care and specialty clinics, public school clinics, public health departments, Kentucky’s Department for Public Health office, state and federal correctional facility health clinics, community mental health centers and state psychiatric hospitals. Each telehealth site is equipped with videoconference technology that can bring the highest level of healthcare services to every Kentuckian, close to their home, whether they choose to live in the “Golden Triangle” urban corridor or the smallest rural community.

Examples of Telemedicine Applications in Kentucky

Traditional telehealth clinics, including child/adult psychiatry, child/adult dermatology, oncology, endocrinology, pre- and post-op services, infectious disease, neurology, pediatric developmental disorders, memory disorders, cardiology, nephrology, vascular surgery, colorectal surgery and many others to rural clinics, hospitals and correctional facilities.

Emergent stroke interventions to determine the need for, and oversee the delivery of lifesaving thrombolytic medications.

Evaluation of echocardiograms and ultrasound studies for high-risk pregnancies and newborn infants.

Transmission of x-ray images, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRI images to physician’s office and home for review.

Many large-scale educational programs such as: Grand Rounds for Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Surgery, Family Practice, Nursing, Psychiatry, and Public Health brings educational programs normally only available to those at a University Medical Center to healthcare professionals anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Broad educational programs for healthcare trainees so they may perform experiential training in a rural practice, yet receive the same access to educational programming as those trainees in the University Medical Centers.

Bioterrorism preparedness/response.

Public Health education and administrative programming, including disaster preparedness and response programs that reduce the costly and time consuming travel, yet reach all health department offices across Kentucky.

Correctional telemedicine at county, state, and federal prisons to reduce costs and increase public safety.

Mobile telehealth clinic to rural eastern Kentucky reaches patients that are unable to travel from their home community.

Primary care and specialty care services delivered to employees and their families at coal mines across the state, making access to care much easier for those who live in very isolated communities.

Hospitalized patient videoconference visits to their families at home.


Telehealth Network Board of Directors

The Board was established and charged (KRS 194.125) with the development and oversign of the statewide telemedicine network. The board consists of the Chancellor of the medical school, or designee of the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville Medical Centers; the Commonwealth’s Chief Information Officer; the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health; the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Chief Information Officer; and five Members At Large representing healthcare professionals and third parties appointed by the Governor. Four Telehealth Training Centers provide video conference hardware, software and troubleshooting support to the other KTHN approved sites in order to maintain the viability of the Network.

 Rob Sprang, Co-Project Manager – University of Kentucky

Tim Bickel, Co-Project Manager –University of Louisville

Steve Fricker, Telehealth Director –Trover Health Systems

Mary Horsley, RN, Telehealth Director –St. Claire Regional MC

Donna Veno, Administrative Assistant



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