Documents & Tutorials

Documents & Tutorials


RedMed How To's

How to use

Redmed Introduction, Log In and Class Calendar

Redmed signing in, navigating the calendar, and getting documents

Redmed setting up mini-announcement window to auto-pop up

How to generate an ICS URL for your Redmed Calendar

How to add Redmed ICS URL to your Outlook Calendar

Hot to add Redmed ICS URL to your Google Calendar


University Email How To's

How to access, forwarding, selecting primary email account, and more

Check email:

Cardmail for Life: How to Keep your Louisville email address after graduation

Cardmail: Forwarding CardMail Messages to an outside Email Account

Exchange + Cardmail: Setting Your Preferred Email Account (for students with an Exchange account)

Office 365 Tutorials

Quick Start Installation Guide for Faculty Computers

Quick Start Installation Guide for Student Computers

Office 365 for Students iPhone & iPad Instructions

Office 365 for Students Android Setup Instructions

Office 365 for Students Windows Phone Setup Instructions

OneNote Documents

How to fix OneNote Notebook Sync Issue that started on February 14th 2018


Register your iClicker here:

Please remember for “Student ID” to use your ULink ID, i.e. kegard01 NOT your id number.

iClicker FAQ

iClicker Operators Guide


Image Scope Download Site

Aperio (Imagescope): How to use Imagescope with a Macbook

Student Printer Web Print Instructions

Instructional Guide Link

How to Print Multiple Slides Per Page Using Web Print

Panopto Tutorials 

Primary Lecture Capture Software for SOM effective January 3rd 2017

Chat with a Panopto Agent above or contact our office for support: 502.852.8390,

How to Install Panopto

Video Tutorial: How to install Panopto and record on a Mac

Video Tutorial: How to install Panopto and record on a  PC

Instructional PDF guide, How to Download and Record with Panopto Recorder

How to View and Share your Recording, Faculty & Staff

How to View a Panopto Recording on a Laptop

How to View a Panopto Recording on a Mobile Device

How to Enable Panopto for your Blackboard course

How to Build a Quiz or Poll in a Panopto Recording Session

How to Subscribe to Podcast or RSS feed

How to Upload a Panopto Video to YouTube

Video Editing Basics

How to Move Tegrity Recordings to Panopto

How to Edit Recording Label for Clerkship Recordings

More Tutorials from Panopto

Learning Space

Mac users must view video using Safari browser and PC users must use Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox version pre-52.0.2. Follow the instructions for installation. Contact if your attempts are unsuccessful.

Learning Space Website

S-Player for Mac

S-Player for PC

Installation Instructions

Clerkship Support

Allscripts Login:

Cerner Login:

Citrix Receiver Download

Med Student Allscripts EHR 3rd and 4th Years Only

Library Resources for Clerkship

Introduction to 3rd Year Information Resources and Technology

How to Edit Recording Label for Clerkship Recordings


How to Install Java and Quicktime plug-ins for Uworld. Prerequisite for Login.

How to Install Java for PC's

How to Install Java and Quicktime for Mac's

Acland's Anatomy

Dr Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy (T/A):


SoftChalk Cloud

How to use softchalk to create and collaborate

SoftChalk Cloud Install Instructions

SoftChalk Cloud App Install Directions for Mac


Examplify Installation Instructions 


How to use the NBME testing software

Secure Browser Download

NBME Shelf Exam Laptop Certification


SOM digital signage solution

Quick Start Guide

SMART Retreat 2017

Making Full Use of Outlook Tools 2017

E-Learning Session 2016

Plone Information

The HSC & Medicine sites all use a custom Plone theme. This theme has features beyond what Plone provides. Here you will find documentation that will cover what those features are and how to use them.

Plone 4 Manual: