Protein Crystallization and X-ray Diffraction


The protein crystallization and X-ray diffraction facility at James G. Brown Cancer Center, University of Louisville provides the resources required from protein crystallization, diffraction data collection, to data analysis and structure determination.  We also hold crystallography training, education, and offers advices and technical assistance in all the aspects of protein crystallography to determine three dimensional structures of proteins or proteins in complex with other molecules.

Microscopes for Crystal Mounting:

The facility instruments include FPLC, crystallization equipment, incubators, in-house screening kits, and X-ray equipment consisting of a Rigaku rotating anode X-ray generator and Mar345dtb image detector. The facility researches often travel or ship crystals to Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National laboratory in Chicago, IL for data collection. The in house X-ray facility is being used to screen crystals prior to the data collection in APS.

Rigaku X-ray Generator and Mar345dtb Image Detector: