The Mission of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center Biorepository (BCCB) is to support the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer by obtaining and providing high quality human specimens and data to cancer researchers.

BCCB contains plasma, serum, urine and human fresh frozen tissue samples with corresponding clinical information available for researches. Investigators can obtain the material after Utilization Committee approval (IRB approved supporting documents are required as well-please see the forms). All samples are available from A wide variety of cancers with corresponding normal tissue controls. BCCB offers prospective and retrospective specimens selection from the existing biobank. For detailed information please contact us.

Originating several years ago, the Brown Cancer Center’s biorepository allows collections and distributions of episodic and longitudinal, solid and fluid specimens and applicable clinical data from consented subjects.  This Biorepository includes a Utilization Committee comprised of oncology physicians from various disciplines.  This Utilization Committee reviews recommendations by CTO’s biorepository staff regarding bench researcher requests for specimens.  CTO-Biorepository staff members work closely with bench researchers, including assisting the researchers in composing specimen-use protocols.

During 2014, over 500 specimens (including plasma, urine, malignant tissue and ascites) have been distributed to UofL bench researchers from the BCC Biorepository.  Over 10,000 aliquoted specimens remain in the Biorepository bank.  Biorepository personnel communicate frequently with oncologists to plan the consents and timely collections of specimens and relevant data.  To date, these collection and distribution services are performed without charge to the UofL bench researchers.