Application Process

STEP 1. Select a Department

Applicants should review programs of study offered by each of the 5 basic science departments and select the program(s) that best accommodate his/her professional objectives.

STEP 2. Comply with Departmental Admission Requirements:

Applicants should note any specific departmental requirements for admission because each department will screen its own applicants. Specific departmental requirements may be found on departmental websites. Contact the Departmental Admissions Faculty if you have any questions about these requirements. Their email addresses and phone numbers are listed below:

Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology

Graduate Program Admissions
Chad Samuelsen, Ph.D.
Telephone: 502-852-5169

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Graduate Program Admissions:
Brian Clem, Ph.D.
Telephone: 502-852-8427
Email: Dr. Clem

Microbiology and Immunology

Graduate Program Admissions
Kevin Sokoloski

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Graduate Program Admissions:
Geoffrey Clark, Ph.D
Telephone: 502-852-7997


Graduate Program Admissions:



If after visiting the department websites and corresponding with the graduate program admissions faculty, you still are not sure which department would suit your needs, you might consider visiting us. Call us at 502-852-3805, toll free 1-800-334-8635, ext. 852-3805 or email Dr. Russell Salterto initiate a visit.

STEP 3. Complete the Graduate School Application Forms:

These forms can be mailed to you on request or you can complete application forms online. Applicants should indicate which degree programs he/she is interested in by including the appropriate major codes* on the application form under the Educational Plans Section.

*The appropriate codes used for the IPIBS program are as follows:

College/School Code - GM

Major Code (choose 1)

  • Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology - ASNB
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics - BIOC
  • Microbiology & Immunology - MBIO
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology - PHTX
  • Physiology  - PHZB

Degree Code - PHD
Institutional Code - 1838 (
for reporting TOEFL scores to the University of Louisville)

IPIBS and Your Application: The Departments review applications and submit potential candidates for Fellowship awards to the IPIBS Committee. If selected, the Director of the IPIBS will confirm the offer of an IPIBS Fellowship in a letter to you. Current support packages consist of an annual stipend of $28,000, full waiver of tuition and fees, plus health care benefits. Every student admitted to the Ph.D. Program can expect to receive continued financial support for the entire period of graduate study, provided he or she remains a resident and makes satisfactory progress in meeting degree requirements.

Acceptance of Fellowship Offer: IPIBS will notify the Graduate School of your acceptance once received. Students supported by an IPIBS Fellowship may not accept any additional employment during the term of the fellowship unless granted specific written authorization to do so by the IPIBS Executive Committee. Accepting the IPIBS Fellowship requires that you complete the core curriculum integrated throughout the curricula of the five departmental, discipline-based programs of study. To retain the fellowship if switching between departments you should contact the IPIBS director.

Students with Advanced Standing: A limited number of Fellowships may be offered to students with advanced-standing, in which case, taking the IPIBS core curriculum may be waived and Fellowships modified accordingly. All such applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Timeline: Only complete applications are reviewed. Applications to departmental programs received before January 15th each year will receive full consideration for an IPIBS Fellowship. After that date, applications will be reviewed and considered for Fellowship awards on a limited basis, depending on availability. 

More general information relating to admission to Graduate School at the University of Louisville can be found on the Graduate School website.