Sample Postdoc Appointment Letter

Sample Appointment Letter


Postdoctoral Associate/Scholar Name
Postdoctoral Associate/Scholar Address

Dear Dr.Name:

We are pleased to offer you a position as a Postdoctoral Associate/Scholar at the University of Louisville in the Department of department name/division of.   This letter is intended to formalize our understanding of your appointment.

Your appointment will begin on start date and end on end date. Your appointment may be renewed and is contingent upon satisfactory performance and availability of funding. Your total support for the initial year of training will be $$, from source.  Should this source of support end during your appointment, you and I will confer on alternate sources of funding.

[For international postdocs on visas:] Please note that your appointment is contingent upon approval of your immigration visa application and that the exact start date of your appointment may change if visa approval is delayed.  It is your responsibility to apply for and obtain visa approval to enter the U.S.

During this appointment, you will be involved in brief description of research/studies.

Upon arriving at the University of Louisville, please contact your departmental business office.  The departmental office will work in concert with Human Resources to inform you of the benefit options available to you and to arrange enrollment in a health insurance plan.  As a term staff employee, you will be subject to the staff provisions of the University of Louisville, which will be explained during new employee orientation in the Human Resources office.

[For international postdocs on J1 visas]  In addition, federal regulations require that all exchange visitors (J1) and their dependents (J2) maintain health insurance at specified levels of coverage for the duration of their visit. If you provide your own insurance, please be sure that it meets the necessary requirements.

Prior to your arrival, we request that you send several important documents to us: i) your curriculum vitae (CV); ii) two letters of recommendation; iii) a signed copy of this appointment letter.  Also, if you have not yet received your doctoral diploma, please provide us with a letter from your degree-granting institution stating (in English) that all of the degree requirements have been met and stating when the degree will be conferred.

Should you have any questions, please contact admin name at (502) 852-XXXX or email; you can send faxes to (502) 852-XXXX.  Also, visit department website for additional information about our department.  We look forward to meeting you soon!



Sponsor faculty name and signature                Optional:   other departmental representatives

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