Promotion and Tenure COVER with FAQ

Promotion and Tenure COVER with FAQ


PAT Criteria Summary

Summary of Criteria for Promotion, Appointment, Tenure and Periodic Career Review (Dec 2017 rev)

Note: The requirements for part-time faculty in the School of Medicine shall be the same as those for full-time faculty. It is recognized that the responsibilities of the faculty in this category may differ from those with full-time appointments.  Additionally, this document is intended as a summary only and is not to be used to replace the criteria in the full Promotion, Appointment, and Tenure (PAT) document.

SOM Promotion, Appointment, and Tenure (PAT) document, BOT approved 2017 Sept 15

Gratis Appointment and Promotion Guidelines

Interfolio Quick Guide - Promotion & Tenure Instructions

SOM- recommended CV Format

Personal Statement Samples    TERM / PCR    TENURE

Frequently Asked Questions About Promotion

Below are some questions that faculty frequently ask about promotion and tenure. Click on a question to get an answer. We have tried to be as factual and complete as possible. However, you should consult the Policy for Promotion, Appointment and Tenure and for Periodic Career Review in the University of Louisville School of Medicine for comprehensive, authoritative answers which can be found at