Faculty Action Processing


Faculty Action Document Checklist

Filling a Faculty Position


Below are the actions that will still be processed in Interfolio RPT. All other actions will be processed in Workday (see above links for Workday training materials and FAQs)

Interfolio TemplateType of Action
Advanced Rank Appointment/Immediate Tenure Pre-ApprovalPre-approval by the SOM PAT Committee of advanced rank appointments to Associate Professor, Professor, and immediate tenure.
Advanced Rank Promotion OnlyPromotion to Associate Professor or Professor.
Annual Performance Review SubmissionThis template is used to turn in faculty annual performance reviews. The work plans will need to be turned in separately for each faculty member.
Expiration of AppointmentPre-approval of non-renewal of a term or probationary appointment.
Periodic Career Review5 year review of tenured faculty.
Special Periodic Career ReviewReview of tenured faculty after 2-year remediation period.
Tenure with Promotion or Tenure OnlyAward of tenure with or without promotion.