PGY4 Urology Resident Samarpit Rai wins R!L University of Louisville School of Medicine Medical Resident Award!

August 8, 2019 - Congratulations to Dr. Samarpit "Sam" Rai, Winner of the Research!Louisville - University of Louisville School of Medicine Medical Resident Award. Dr. Rai has an impressive background and future in urology research.  This award is based on his research of Trends in Utilization of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma, an Analysis of the National Cancer Database. Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Haddad serves as Dr. Rai's mentor in this research.

Urologist Kellen Choi, D.O., delivers specialized expertise for UofL Physicians

Kellen Choi, D.O., has joined UofL Physicians - Urology specializing in pelvic reconstructive surgery, neurourology and voiding dysfunction for both men and women. Choi, who is fellowship trained in reconstructive surgery, also has been named assistant professor, director of female urology, urodynamics and voiding dysfunction in the Department of Urology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. 

In addition to general urology, Choi has special interest in pelvic reconstructive surgery, including vaginal repair of prolapse and robotic surgery for female prolapse conditions. She offers treatments for voiding dysfunction using botox injections to the bladder and sacral neuromodulation.

“I practice a multidisciplinary approach in treating various urinary complaints, and use minimally invasive techniques to achieve maximum results,” Choi said. “I work closely with pelvic floor physical therapists for conservative treatment options. When medication and other more conservative therapies do not achieve desired results, we can consider a bladder pacemaker or other more novel approaches.”

For survivors of prostate and other cancers or severe urinary trauma, Choi performs specialized reconstructive procedures including urethroplasty, in which she uses tissue from inside the patient’s cheek to reconstruct the urethra. She also implants artificial urinary sphincters (AUS) for the treatment of urinary incontinence, male bladder slings and penile prosthesis, and provides other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

“Dr. Choi’s expertise is a great asset for patients throughout Kentuckiana,” said Murali Ankem, M.D., M.B.A., chair of the UofL Department of Urology. “She already has gained the attention and respect of the entire department and patients she has served.”

Choi graduated from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine after receiving her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. Following her urology residency at Charleston Area Medical Center in W.Va., she completed a fellowship in female urology, neurology and pelvic floor reconstruction at Metropolitan Urologic Specialists in Minneapolis.

Choi is a member of the American Urology Association, Society of Urodynamics Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction, and American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

September 18, 2017 -  Video: UofL Today with Dr. Jamie Messer on Prostate and Testicular Cancer Screening

Dr. Jamie Messer, a urologist with UofL Physicians – Urology, talks about prostate cancer and testicular cancer screening recommendations.

Prostate Cancer Screening

All men age 55-69 should at least every other year get prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood work and a digital rectal exam to screen for prostate cancer.

For those with a strong family history – father or brother diagnosed with prostate cancer before age 65 – should do the screening as early as age 45. Most men don’t have symptoms. Men with symptoms may have difficulty with or more frequent urination, or need to get up during the night to urinate – which can also be the symptoms for a benign prostate enlargement. It’s best to be screened by your family physician or a urologist.

Schedule an appointment with UofL Physicians – Urology by calling 502-588-4740 or filling out an online request an appointment form.

Testicular Cancer Screening

Testicular cancer is rare and considered a cancer of the young, usually affecting men age 15-35. The most common symptom is a palpable lump on the testicle. 

Dr. Messer recommends monthly self-exams. “If you feel something abnormal, get it checked out by a urologist. The earlier it’s found, the better the prognosis,” he said.

March 29, 2012 - WHAS11 Great Day Live! host Laura Rogers speaks to Dr. Ankem about common urinary problems, and new treatments by University of Louisville Physicians. Click here to view

Dr. Ankem has been featured in the Courier Journal and on WHAS11 for performing two of the first minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgeries in Kentucky, both at University of Louisville Hospital. His first was a radical cystectomy for bladder cancer in November 2011 and removal of the kidney (nephrectomy) in January, 2012. Click on the links below for more information.

February 15, 2012 -New procedure for kidney failure - WHAS11

December 27, 2011 -Radical cystectomy for bladder cancer - UofL Physicians


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