The University of Louisville Division of Transplantation provides personalized, patient-centered care, conducts vigorous research, and trains future leaders in transplant surgery. By seamlessly integrating research, education, and clinical care, our physicians achieve excellence across all three domains. Underlying our success is a collaborative culture.

A multidisciplinary team of nationally known surgeons and medical specialists work together with non-clinical experts to explore all advanced options for individuals with:

Liver Disease

Kidney Disease

Pancreatic, liver or bile duct tumors and cancers

Diabetes or chronic pancreatitis

Management of complex bile duct injuries

Portal hypertension and other conditions

When transplant is the best option, University of Louisville Division of Transplantation is prepared with the extraordinary combination of talent, technology and techniques.

Although we are one of the oldest transplant centers in the country, we strive to be cutting edge. Our faculty, trainees and students continually advance the knowledge of transplantation around the world through scholarship and research.