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REsidents at APA

Residents eating out Residents at wedding

  Eatng out Residents in formal

Residents, Training office and their families at a Bats Baseball game.                          Residents  

Resident and Training Office at a Bats baseball game.                          REsidents

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic

June, 2023

Group Picture

Resident Group   Residents at picnic

Faculty at picnic  Faculty at picnic  Faculty at picnic

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Baseball Game- July, 2022

Residents and families at a baseball game. July 2022

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic - June, 2022

Residents at the annual department picnic 2022.

Residents enjoy a day to team-build and have FUN!

2022 Retreat  2022 Retreat  2022 Retreat   2022 Retreat2022 Retreat  2022 Retreat  2022 Retreat  2022 Retreat

Current residents, alumni, and faculty representing us well at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference in New Orleans, LA.

Drs. Farooqui Crump Kostrzewsky Oliva Suleman Mallick  Mallick Suleman Yazdani Unknown  Suleman Mallick Yazdani  Rotterman Mallick Lawrence

The Department of Psychiatry Year-End/Graduation Event - June, 2021

Group pictures at the June End of Year program    Group pictures at the June End of Year program

Drs. Brikker, Suleman and Terrell at the Year-End program.   

EPS award     Rif El-Mallakh with award winner    winner of an award    award winner with Dr. Jessica Reis

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic - June, 2021

Faculty, staff, residents and their families on the steps of the Nunnlea House at the annual department picnic.

The Department of Psychiatry Resident Retreat 2021

Residents at Retreat

Residents at Retreat    Group pictures at the 2021 Retreat

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic - 2019

Group picture of attendees at the 2019 Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic

2019 Department of Psychiatry Annual Picnic Band Performing

The Department of Psychiatry, 2019



PGY-1 Residents

2019-2020 PGY-1's

Photo of the 2019-2020 residents, training director and coordinator





Group picture of the 2018-2019 residents

2018 Resident Picnic

2019 Annual Picnic

2018-2019 PGY-1 Residents

Residents at a Bats GAme

Residents enjoy a day out at a Bats game (July, 2018)

Resident Retreat 2018
Resident Retreat July 30, 2018


Chiefs, coordinator and program directors by a holiday tree

Residents with toys at the toy drive

2018 Toy Drive - The Department of Psychiatry were the winners of the contest, by donating the most toys!

AK Rice Resident Attendees

Resident attendees (with Dr. Gordon Strauss) at the 54th Annual A.K. Rice International Group Relations Conference (2018)
"Die Hard Dreamers: Leadership and Authority in an Era of Disruption"

Residents and presents around a tree

Department of Psychiatry - Winner of Toys for Tots Donation Drive (2017)

2017 Resident Retreat

Department Band at 2018 Picnic

Courtney Allen, Jessica Reis and Laura Romer
Assoc. Program Director, Jessica Reis with Chief Residents, Courtney Allen (PGY 3) and Laura Romer (PGY 4)

The UofL House Staff Council collected 886 toys for Toys for Tots in 2016. Chandresh Shah, M.D., Erin Priddy, M.D., Mitesh Patel, M.D., and Tymberly Seim, M.D.         Click here for full details

Mitesh Patel and Tymberly Siem hold the awards plaque for the most toys donated  Residents, Mitesh Patel and Tymberly Seim,with the Toy Drive awards plaque.

2017/2018 PGY-1's