Resident Research Track

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The goal of the resident research track is to foster meaningful, collaborative scholarly activity in the area of original research for resident trainees interested in an academic career or fellowship.


  • Guide development of a robust original research, quality improvement, or curriculum based project
  • Foster mentorship with research-oriented faculty
  • Educate residents on advanced research design and execution topics, including evidence-based medicine
  • Prepare residents to submit an abstract to a local/regional/national meeting and/or to submit a manuscript for publication

Track Components/requirements

1. Mentorship: research mentor(s) will be assigned/chosen based on area of interest

2. Scholarly Activity: All residents will complete a scholarly project. Required components of this project include—

a. IRB application

b. Meaningful participation in project design, data collection and analysis, and write-up.

c. Submission of scholarly work to a local, regional, or national meeting or publication by end of residency program

3. Monthly conferences/workshops (must attend 50%)

a. Rotating 2 year curriculum, topics including: IRB application process, literature search, Citation management software, advanced biostatistics, abstract and manuscript preparation, and more

b. Quarterly group conferences/workshops with other tracks

4. Semi-annual scholarly oversight committee (SOC) presentations

a. PGY-1 (Med/Peds PGY-1 or 2): potential project ideas, early design planning and feedback

b. PGY-2 (Med/Peds PGY-2 or 3):

i. Fall: Refining research idea and design

ii. Spring: Department-wide presentation of research concept (and any data collected)

c. PGY-3 (Med/Peds PGY-3 or 4): Data collection updates and final abstract/poster/manuscript preparation and presentations

5. Research elective: All residents may participate in a two to four week research elective during their training. Research track members are able to participate in additional elective time or may split their elective time into multiple blocks to focus on research design vs. data collection

Residents who successfully complete the required elements will graduate with a certificate and letter of distinction from the track coordinator.