Resident Wellness

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We're social beings and we require fun. Whether it's a resident-organized outing or a program event, our residents know how to have fun (but respectfully allow those who need to rest a pass). But we know wellness is more than fun outings; program leadership and the Resident & Faculty Wellness Committee work hard to make sure wellness is interwoven throughout curriculum and rotations.

Fun Fridays

Whenever there is a month with five Fridays, the fifth Friday is Fun Friday! Our noon conference is transformed into a social gathering for residents to have lunch, play games and relax.

Resident and Faculty Appreciation

Our trainees and faculty work hard every day, so we go out of our way to appreciate them throughout the year with encouraging notes, special treats, and giveaways.

Battle Buddies

Each year we pair our interns with their own Battle Buddy in hopes to combat anxiety, depression, and physician fatigue. We recognize intern year is difficult and many interns need help to get through the year. Through our Battle Buddy program, our residents can help each other grow personally and professionally. 

Resident Retreats

Yearly, residents get the opportunity to go off-campus for their class retreat. While these retreats give residents the chance to discuss all aspects of the program and to gain exposure to the various academic, community and rural career paths. It is also an opportunity for residents to have fun, relax and bond with their peers. PGY-1s head to Red River Gorge, PGY-2s go to Berea and PGY-3s kick back at various Kentucky distilleries.

Holiday Festivities

The winter holiday season is twice as nice with the Holiday Luncheon and Holiday Party. Food, music and fun are prescribed at these festive events.


After three years of working hard in our program, graduates celebrate their successes both with heartfelt laughs and tears of sadness as they say goodbye to the friends they've made along the way. Family and friends are invited to join the ceremony and celebration with food, music and drinks in downtown Louisville. It's a night to remember.