Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program

Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program

Program Goal

Pediatric Pulmonology has been frequently cited as a specialty shortage that has most impacted children's hospitals and access to respiratory care.  In order to diminish the future shortage in this area, our program aims to provide a comprehensive fellowship program in Pediatric Pulmonology that provides the post-residency fellow the exposure and the experience to diagnose, manage and follow-up patients with a broad spectrum of acquired or congenital, acute or chronic respiratory diseases.

The program is designed to achieve a balanced clinical and research experience which will ensure that the trainees meet criteria for certification in Pediatric Pulmonology by the American Board of Pediatrics upon their graduation from the program and are fully prepared to enter the practice of Pediatric Pulmonology without direct supervision.


The program faculty members are all recognized as exceptional teachers and role models for young physicians.  Each one is board-certified in pediatrics and pediatric pulmonology.  They have a variety of research interests, including severe asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung diseases, recurrent pulmonary infections, wheezing in infancy, and congenital airways and pulmonary malformations.