Child Abuse/Neglect Resources for Primary Care Physicians

Primary care professionals are important partners in our efforts to keep children from being abused and neglected. On goal of this division is to provide resources to help them deal with this



Communicating with Child Protective Services
The language you use and information you provide to the CPS intake worker is vital to reporting a case accurately...(more)

Child Protective Services Intake Criteria
Child Protective Services (CPS) are specialized services aimed at safeguarding the rights and welfare of abused, neglected or dependent children.  The Cabinet has the authority and obligation to assure that reports meet the statutory and regulatory definitions of abuse, neglect or dependency before a child protective assessment or investigation begins...(more)

Template for Medical Non-adherence (pdf)
Many times health care providers become frustrated when they report a suspected medical neglect case to Child Protective Services (CPS) and the case is screened out or the actions taken are perceived to be inadequate.

Common Questions from Primary Care Physicians

  • What does Kentucky law say about reporting child abuse?
  • How do I report it?
  • What about bruising?
  • Are photographs helpful?
  • Commonly misdiagnosed signs?
  • Concerned about burns?
  • Next steps?

What should I do if I see a bruise in a non-cruising infant?

A bruise in a non-cruising infant is not normal and should be concerning for child abuse or a significant medical issue... (more)