Requirements, Application and Benefits


Applicants for the internship must be from an American Psychological Association accredited or Canadian Psychological Association recognized program in clinical, counseling, or school psychology. They must have completed all academic requirements leading to a Ph.D. or Psy.D. except for the dissertation and internship by the start of the training year on July 1. Applicants must have proposed their dissertations and are strongly encouraged to complete or be near completion of their dissertation before beginning the internship year. The intern's areas of specialized study must be in clinical psychology or directly related to clinical psychological work. Because this internship has an emphasis in child clinical and pediatric psychology, applicants who show promise of a career focus in these areas will be given priority. Evidence of prior experience in and commitment to child clinical or pediatric psychology will be weighed heavily in evaluating applicant credentials.


Applicants must fully complete APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI) online by the November 1, 2019 deadline to be considered for the program. The AAPI can be found at

After a review of these application materials by the psychology faculty, selected applicants will be invited for one of two interview dates (Friday January 3, 2020 or Monday January 6, 2020). Offers will be made according to the APPIC guidelines. This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

The internship begins July 1 and ends June 30 of each calendar year.

We strongly encourage students from non-majority groups to apply and are careful not to discriminate in our review process based on sociocultural  background, gender, age, or sexual identity.  This is in keeping with the University of Louisville's commitment to nondiscrimination. (

UofL Nondiscrimination Statements

Our organization is committed to creating equitable and inclusive campus environments that accelerate the success of the full range of our students and employees.  We believe that employees who feel valued and respected will create policies, programs, practices and services to effectively meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the increasingly diverse student population we serve and hope to serve.

We encourage candidates to apply who have demonstrated capacity to create inclusive work environments, work effectively on increasingly diverse teams, and serve the increasingly diverse students we serve, want to attract.

We are committed to hiring and attracting a racially diverse, culturally competent faculty/staff/leadership at all levels of the organization who not only reflect the demographics of our students but also continue to deepen their skills and competencies to serve the full range of our students.

Please be aware that all potential UofL employees are subject to a background check process that obtains data from the National/Local Sex Offenders Registry, State Criminal and Other Offenses (for each place of residence), National Criminal Database, SanctionsBase, and Education History.  Findings are reviewed by Human Resources on a case by case basis to determine employment eligibility.  


The stipend for the internship is $25,000.  Interns also receive up to $400 for CME, professional dues, and books though this amount is subject to change.  Health insurance premiums are subsidized by the University of Louisville, and interns have the option to purchase dental and vision insurance.  Additional benefits include free parking, use of University of Louisville library services, access to employee fitness facilities on HSC campus, and discounted fees to use the University fitness facilities.  Administrative support is provided by the program coordinator and clinic front office staff.