Pathology Core Research Lab

Laboratory Team

Melissa Peak, MSHA, HTL(ASCP), QIHC, QLS

Histotechnologist Specialist, Senior:
Denise (Dinny) Kelley, BS, HT(ASCP)

Clinical Laboratory Assistant:
Ron Bolton

Administrative Support:
Executive Director: Timothy F. Travis, Jr, MBA-HCM, LNHA
Business Administrator: Timothy Stolt, MBA


About Pathology Core Research Laboratory:

Pathology Core Research Laboratory (PCRL) is the core facility for histology services for researchers. PCRL performs immunohistochemistry (IHC) and other highly specialized stains on formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) and frozen tissues, as well as handling and processing of other esoteric specimens. PCRL has proven expertise in performing numerous research-based histologic, histochemical, and special stain protocols. PCRL is recognized for an exhaustive list of clinically validated IHC and special stain markers. Along with well-established, in-house testing services, PCRL offers optimization of antibodies not on our menu that are new to market or the research community. 

PCRL also provides helpful seminars for the campus community to enhance research projects for publication-worthy results. Check back often for scheduling of these seminars, or contact us for technical guidance and support.

PCRL is acclaimed for the extensive offering of histologic and testing capabilities that include, but are not limited to

•    Processing and embedding animal/plant tissue
•    Special embedding requests
•    Microtomy of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE), frozen tissue, and laser-capture microdissection sections
•    Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
•    Special staining
•    Multiplex IHC staining
•    Consulting/training
•    Frozen tissue grossing and embedding
•    Antibody optimization

If the service needed is not listed, contact PCRL and a certified technologist will provide consultation for ensuring the service can be completed for the project.

See our complete list of available Antibodies and Special Stains. Click here for Histology Services Price List;  Research Price Estimates are available upon request.  Complete the Service Requisition Form  to submit with your research material.

*All specimens from research subjects must adhere to the regulatory requirements of IRB, HIPAA, and IACUC.

 For more information, please contact: