Clinical Chemistry Fellowship

The Clinical Chemistry Fellowship is a two-year ComACC-accredited program for recent doctoral and medical school graduates to prepare them for leadership careers in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

Transfusion Medicine Fellowship

The Marie M. Keeling Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Fellowship at the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center is a one-year program integrating academic and community medical centers with one blood center.

Cytopathology Fellowship

The cytopathology fellowship program is integrated with the general pathology residency program at the primary training institution (University of Louisville Hospital).

Forensic Pathology Fellowship

A one year fellowship is offered in the subspecialty of Forensic Pathology, The fellow will work in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, where they will be exposed to a variety of cases from both urban and rural populations. They will also rotate in various forensic specialties, such as anthropology, toxicology, criminalistics and forensic odontology.

Surgical Pathology Fellowship

A one year fellowship program provides the trainee with advanced training and experience in general surgical pathology, and opportunites for extensive experience in all subspeciality areas at a busy academic medical center.