Resident Research

Resident Research

Research Day Pictures 

Faculty and Residents at Research Day 2018

The department has an active research division. There is more than 6000 square feet of research space in the Center for Translational Research building that opened in 2010. Four faculty and two postdoctoral PhDs staff the research laboratory. Areas of study focus on three major areas: aging, reproductive health, and oncology. Current research studies are examining the immunological factors that control the normal fetal development in pregnancy, the immunology of infertility, tumor immunology, prognostic indicators in ovarian cancer, hormone therapy in cardiovascular disease and cancer, and complementary alternative medical approaches.

Clinical faculty participate in basic science research and clinical trials. The department sponsors an annual Research Day in which PGY-3 residents and senior fellows present a formal research paper. This all-day event features a nationally renowned speaker who presents their research.

Residents work with the research faculty in formulating or supporting ongoing research projects. Residents select a project during the intern year and develop it throughout the residency. Each resident is encouraged to produce a paper of publication quality. Several papers have been presented at national meetings; recently, residents have won awards for their presentations at the ACOG District V, the Annual Clinical Meeting of ACOG, at the annual meetings of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and the Society for Gynecologic Investigation. Ongoing research in the department is supported by grant funding from the NIH and pharmaceutical companies.

Conducting a research project:

  • Fosters a culture of inquiry to support lifelong curiosity and learning
  • Identifies and address critical knowledge gaps in the scientific literature
  • Provides a foundation to train residents as scientists to be knowledgeable consumers of scientific information to improve clinical skills and patient care


Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, residents conduct one original scientific study during the course of residency. This project is presented at Research Day held annually in the June. Residents are encouraged to present their research at regional and national conferences and submit manuscripts to scientific journals.