Residency Mission and Resident Roles

Our Mission:

  • Provide an educational environment that will expose our residents to the entire breadth of the discipline of obstetrics and gynecology, allowing them to gain the knowledge, confidence, and competence needed to be fully prepared upon completion of our program for the independent practice of obstetrics and gynecology or the pursuit of further training in the subspecialty discipline of their choice.
  • Instill a life-long commitment to learning and the promotion of women’s healthcare.
  • Offer opportunities for residents to develop ethical, professional, and leadership skills
  • Foster a desire to assist in the training of a new generation of medical students and residents.
  • Foster a work ethic and spirit of mutual respect and camaraderie among colleagues on all levels of the health care team.

2020 Grads

Resident Roles:

As a resident in our program, you will have many roles: student, team member, teacher, professional. It is our mission to help you as you navigate your way through each of these roles, but you are expected to be an active member of this process

Residents are Learners

    • Take advantage of every learning opportunity by being engaged during rounds, asking questions, and utilizing missteps as learning opportunities.
    • Utilize knowledge of fellow residents, faculty, and nursing staff.
    • Access library resources that are electronically available in the hospital, at the medical school, or remotely from any computer.
    • Attend weekly didactic sessions during the protected time on Friday afternoons.
    • Meet the goals and objectives for each rotation.
    • Present one Grand Rounds’ topic annually.
    • Complete one research project by the end of the residency. A faculty mentor will help guide in the selection, planning, and implementation.

Residents are Members of the Healthcare Team

    • Physicians, nurses, hospital staff, medical students, patients and families must work together to deliver the best possible patient care.
    • Each member has special knowledge and training that is crucial to the success of the team.
    • Residents are expected to use interactions with team members to enhance education, patient care and the healthcare system as a whole.
    • In order to function efficiently, the team must show cooperation and respect among its members. As residents move through residency, roles within the team will change, allowing increasing responsibility and leadership as skills progress.

Residents are Teachers

    • Medical students, patients, staff, and junior residents will look to residents for answers. Often, residents have as much contact with medical students as the faculty.
    • Residents are expected to serve as role models.

Residents are Professionals

    • Residents are expected to maintain the highest level of intellectual honesty and integrity, to treat others with respect, and to honor responsibilities to patients, colleagues, and society.
    • This responsibility includes maintaining complete, timely, and accurate documentation in the medical record to allow for proper patient care, communication, and billing and enters electronically duty hours and operative procedures on a weekly basis.

During your residency, you will learn the importance that each of these “roles” plays. Becoming an outstanding OB/GYN physician involves much more than learning the facts or becoming technically proficient. 

Being an outstanding ob-gyn physician involves incorporating every aspect of your education, each of your “roles”, into your daily interactions and activities, and to use all that you have learned to guide you on a path of life-long learning.


We are committed to helping you achieve your ultimate career goal, whether private practice, academics, or the pursuit of fellowship training.