Tamour Tareen

Learn more about our resident's background, what moves them, and why they chose this wonderful medical specialty: Neurology!

Dr. Tareen went to be a Neuro hospitalist post residency graduation.

Tell us about yourself!

I am from Pakistan and completed my medical school at Bolan Medical College Quetta. Remembering childhood brings back memories of growing around loving people and city surrounded with mountains. I particularly enjoy teaching students and am a strong believer of teamwork in every field of life.

In my free time I like to travel exploring new places, cultures and languages. in the future I envision myself working not only helping my patients but advocating for them, my community and neurology at large.

Why did you choose Neurology?

Human brain and the study to understand its potential and capacities is fascinating. Training at a stage where everyday is bringing new breakthroughs and interventions for treatments is exciting.

Coming to work everyday with the hope of bringing a change in some one life and alleviating suffering is a strong encouragement to work harder each day.

With so much on the horizon for treating neurological conditions, I cannot fathom being in another field. 

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