Talita D' Aguiar Rosa

Learn more about our resident's background, what moves them, and why they chose this wonderful medical specialty: Neurology!

Dr. Rosa's main interests in Neurology include: Movement disorders, neurodegenerative diseases

Tell us about yourself!

I am a neurology medical resident and global health scientist. Outside of neurology, I started to fall in love with health policy and health economics research through my work as a family physician in underserved communities in Brazil.

I am also interested in evidenced-based policy research and implementation, and in improving access to high quality and cost-effective health care services


Why did you choose Neurology?

Neurology is a fascinating field that allows me to encompass both the full pathophysiology and clinical aspects of the patients, without losing sight of their social context.

To be surrounded every day by extraordinary people, both patients and providers, drives me to continue to improve my work as a physician, and to continue to focus on improving the institutional and social support systems for mental health and neurological disorders.


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