Muhammad Ismail Khalid Yousaf

Learn more about our resident's background, what moves them, and why they chose this wonderful medical specialty: Neurology!

Dr. Yousaf's main interests in Neurology include: Headache, pain management

Tell us about yourself!

Originally hailing and completing medical school (SKZMDC) from Pakistan, I was chasing my dad's dream who always wanted me to get mentored under USA's dynamic health system so I can incorporate best of the both worlds in my practice as a doctor, hence benefitting patients in the most thorough and complete way.

UofL was just the perfect match for me because of its diverse program, highly experienced faculty and this gem of a small city with big feel. Having state of the art stroke center is exactly what I needed to pursue my future interest in stroke leading to interventional neurology.

Hobbies: Been an avid sportsman and debater from school to university. Have travelled and attended multiple international events including concerts, Olympics and many sports and other fun events. Huge palate for food and that’s where we can be good friends, too.

Why did you choose Neurology?

Improving the quality of life of a neurological patient is my impetus to choose neurology.

Its not only life changing for that patient but also for the whole family. Its a field of hope and fight against all odds.

With new technological advancements, Neurology has become more exciting and has a lot of new avenues to be looked at, and I want to be a part of those international impacts.

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