Kevin Sokoloski, PhD


Research Interests

  • Identifying and characterizing the virus / host interactions of RNA viruses with an emphasis on viral RNA biology.
  • Defining the molecular mechanism(s) by which viral RNAs successfully interface with the host machinery to initiate and sustain productive infection.
  • Elucidating and tracking the formation and remodeling of virus / host protein complexes throughout infection, and characterizing the roles of host RNA-binding proteins in regards to specific viral RNA functions.
  • Determining the molecular role(s) of host factors in the progression and severity of viral disease and pathology.
  • To use host / pathogen interactions as the formative basis for the development of novel antiviral strategies and vaccine candidates.


Select Publications


Rupp, JC, Sokoloski, KJ, Gebhart, NN, and Hardy, RW.: Alphavirus RNA synthesis and   nonstructural protein functions. Journal of General Virology. 96(9):2483-500, 2015. \

Sokoloski, KJ, Haist, KC, Morrison, TE, Mukhopadhyay, S, and Hardy, RW.: Noncapped Alphavirus genomic RNAs and their role during infection. Journal of Virology. 89(11):6080-92, 2015.

Sokoloski, KJ, Snyder, AJ, Liu, NH, Hayes, CA, Mukhopadhyay, S, and Hardy, RW.: Encapsidation of host-derived factors correlates with enhanced infectivity of Sindbis virus. Journal of Virology. 87(22):12216-26, 2013.

Patel, RK, Burnham, AJ, Gebhart, NN, Sokoloski, KJ, and Hardy, RW.: Role for subgenomic mRNA in host translation inhibition during Sindbis virus infection of mammalian cells. Virology. 441(2):171-181, 2013.

Li, C, Arnold, RJ, Sokoloski, KJ, Hardy, RW, Tang, H and Radivojac, P.: Extending the coverage of spectral libraries: A neighbor-based approach to predicting intensities of peptide fragmentation spectra. Proteomics. 13:756–765, 2013.

Comprehensive List of Publications