The Global Health Initiative van is a new mobile addition in support of clinical service, teaching and research.

Purchased in June 2014, the van will assist with many aspects of the overall mission of the GHI.

A primary activity involves refugee care, including immunization and health promotion. Every other week, the van transports personnel, vaccine and supplies to the resettlement agencies where immunization is provided to adults, adolescents and children.

Health promotion activities are also being included in order to address dental care needs, nutrition education, targeted health screening, and medication education.

In addition, the Vaccine and International Health and Travel Clinic has used the van to  implement a mobile clinic in support of pre-travel counseling and immunization for churches and other groups preparing for mission trips.

A third component that will begin later this summer involves community engagement. The van will be taken into neighborhoods and around Jefferson County in support of outreach and research.

All activities involving the van use are grounded in inter-professional practice and education where faculty, staff and students from the Health Sciences and Belknap Campuses learn to work together in support of equity in healthcare and healthcare access.