Palliative Medicine Clerkship - IDEP 916

The Palliative Medicine Clerkship consists of a five day rotation at one of seven clinical sites, completion of the iCOPE modules, completing the Critical Reflection writing assignment, and attendance at an iCOPE session. Students will have the opportunity of participating in the care of patients with life-limiting illnesses using an interdisciplinary team approach. Additionally, an introduction into the principles of pain management will be provided.

Welcome from Dr. Furman

Course Requirements/Materials

  1. BEFORE REPORTING TO ASSIGNED ROTATION, please review syllabus and the "Module on the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Team-iCOPE Module" located on RedMed.
  2. During the five day rotation, you will see patients and present the patients to your supervisor. You will interact with the interdisciplinary team and participate in team discussions.
  3. Read and review the "Pain Management Guidelines" booklet, which will be given to you by your supervising attending and/or e-mailed to you by Laura Hollifield.
  4. Completion of the "Patient-Based Pain Assessment and Plan Checklist," located on RedMed and Attachment 1 of the syllabus. If a patient is not available, the "Vignette-Based Pain Assessment and Plan Checklist" needs to be completed and submitted to your site supervisor. This is located on RedMed and Attachment 2 of the packet.
  5. Attend Palliative Medicine didactic sessions (hosted weekly from July 15 - June 23) on Thursdays from 1:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Your site supervisor will be e-mailed conference details the week of your rotation.
    • Join the meeting:
    • In person in the Pulmonary Conference Room, Department of Medicine, 3rd Floor, Ambulatory Care Building, 550 S. Jackson Street, or...
    • Virtually at If using a phone, dial 1-408-317-9253, Meeting Extension: 249195646.
    • Dr. Pate or Dr. Dillon will moderate the lectures. Once logged in, please mute your microphones.
    • Dr. Pate or Dr. Dillon will ask each person to introduce themselves and their role and will go around the room and let you know when to introduce yourself.
    • Participants will stay muted during the presentation. If there is a question or comment, we ask that you use the "raise hand" button at the bottom of the screen. Dr. Pate or Dr. Dillon will call on that person and once called on, please unmute your microphone to speak.
  6. Completion of the "Critical Reflection Exercise Assignment" based on a patient experience in Attachment 3, which needs to be submitted to Ms. Alison Phillips at least 10 days before your iCOPE session.
  7. Participation in an iCOPE session from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., which may occur outside of your rotation week, is required. Alison Phillips ( will confirm your date. Prior to your iCOPE session, review of the modules listed below (located on RedMed) is required.
    • Module on the interdisciplinary palliative care team - iCOPE module
    • The Case of Julio Granada-iCOPE Module
    • The Case of Mina Saleem-iCOPE Module
    • The Case of Phil Woods-iCOPE Module
  8. The pain modules below are elective, but we encourage your review:
  • Opioid Pain Management-Part 1
  • Opioid Pain Management-Part 2
  • Total Pain
  • Evaluation of supervising attending and rotation experience via New Innovations at Login information is below. If you encounter difficulty with login, please e-mail

  • Grading 

    Student assessment for required clinical courses within the educational program will be pass/fail. Grades are determined by successful completion of all educational activities and satisfactory evaluation by clinical supervisor via New Innovations. If you miss more than two days of the assigned rotation, please notify the site director and course coordinator immediately to reschedule your clerkship experience.


    Students who do not satisfactorily complete the required learning activities, patient care activities, and evaluations are required to repeat the five-day rotation.

    Other Information

    Another valuable site for additional learning can be found in "Fast Facts" on various palliative care topics at