Beverly Todd Towery, M.D.

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Chairman 1956-1970

Beverly Todd Towery, M.D.
Beverly Todd Towery, M.D.
Born in Illinois, Beverly Todd Towery earned his BS in 1936 at Western Kentucky State College (now Western Kentucky University) and his MD in 1940 at Vanderbilt University, graduating summa cum laude and first in his class.

He interned at Vanderbilt Hospital and spent a year in a pathology residency at Mallory Institute in Boston.

For the next several years, he was in military service working in combat zones in France and Italy, rising to the rank of major.

He then became senior resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with Fuller Albright and developing his interest in endocrinology.

He spent the next two years as a resident at Thorndike Memorial Laboratory at Boston City Hospital.

He taught at Vanderbilt from 1949-1956 and then came to the University of Louisville as professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine and chief of medical service at Louisville General Hospital.

In 1970, he resigned as chairman and became chief of the section of endocrinology until 1974 when illness forced his retirement.

- Written by Daryll Anderson